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Ablation 2 radio

Second ablation yesterday,1 year after the first.i had a cryo,last time And r/f now,

Feel dizzy and short of breath

But much better tha the first one I was ill for months

The Ep was going to do some mapping,but on the end only did the pulmonary viens again

Not sure of the outcome but seem to think I will need to stay on,anticoagulant,and beta blocker long term.

It seem a good outcome to him

They are under the impression I had palpitation for years,but was very breathless.guess I have had a/f a longtime it lowers my odds of recovery

Got fobbed of as asmatic,the told I was over weight.dispite losing 6 stone,come back when you lost another stone,when you never drink..done both,,if you had heart trouble as long as you say you would be dead.

So can not help get angry about the GP But fingers crossed ,it will work but its hard as you all know

Fighting health,and bureaucratic Doctors

The Ep was excellent they like us are up against the NHS budget and practice profits.

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Glad you are feeling better this time round, and best wishes for a continuing recovery.


I had an ablation 16 MTHS ago. No more AF but feel tight chest and breathless after slight exertion ever since .. Chest consultant says I'm mild asmatic and GP thinks it is panic attacks !!

Back to EP and have just had myocardial nuclear scan . Waiting to see if that shows slow blood perfusion through heart muscle. Would just like to get my quality of life better. I'm 75yrs taking flecainide now which is helping but I would like to be more active.

It's an on going battle Good luck !

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