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Cold turkey off mirtazapine 15mg

Iv been on 15mg for 4 months but decided to stop as I felt numb and had no emotions. I stopped cold turkey. It's been a week now and apart from flu like syptoms and the odd funny tummy I feel pretty good. Each day I feel less heavy and my mind clearer. Iv read sooo many posts about the terrible withdraw but thought I'd put s more positive spin on it. Glad to off this drug and even tho I suffer terrible health anxiety I have found this process so far really positive!

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I think you've accidentally posted in the wrong Forum (nearly did it myself yesterday!). This one is for Atrial Fibrillation (a heart problem), so we don't have experience with this drug. I suggest you go back to HealthUnlocked, and look for a more appropriate Forum - there are lots there.


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