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Stopping sotalol after ablation

Hello. Gord here. I am post cryo-ablation done July 2017. Seems to be successful so far after Holter monitor and EKG tests. My EP reduced my dose of sotalol from 80 mg 2x per day, to 40mg 2x per day and told me to stop at end of Oct. to see if the ablation continues to work when not on any meds.

Pharmacy info on sotalol says very gradually reduce dosage over 2 weeks or could result in some conditions becoming worse. Any tips for further easing off the sotilol in the final few weeks e.g only take current dose 1x a day , or take current dose every other day? Etc

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We really should not advise on drug doses BUT what I did was to stop morning dose for a few days. then evening dose every other day then cut pills in half every other day etc till zero.. That was with a completely different medication since sotalol is no longer recommended here in UK but worked for me. I did it over about six weeks actually.

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Thanks. I understand the concern about drug doses. I will of course follow up with my pharmacist and doctor. Just interested to hear how others handled gradual medication reductions.


When my medication was changed from Sotalol to Flecainide I was told to just stop taking Sotalol for 5 days before starting Flecainide. Flecainide didn't suit me so went back on Sotalol.


Insurance company forced me to stop sotalol and switch to flecanide. Flecanide did nothing for me and I felt like the insurance company was trying to kill me. Then I purchased AARP UHC Plan N and Sotalol was approved. It was all about the money.

Now I have had ablation and the procedure was successful. Now looking to ween myself off of Sotalol 120mg/day. It is not conducive to a healthy sex life. Whatever it takes to get off of sotalol.


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