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Urinating at night

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I'm in perminant AF i had this for 4 years that I know of

Drugs are diltyzem 200 and digoxin 125 but I'm reducing that to 62.5 very soon due to fatigue and brain fog

I have water retention in lower limbs some days worse than others and the feeling of burning in my legs at night some nights I'm peeing a full bladder ever hour or so

More noticeable if I lay on my back

Is this AF or the drugs I'm on or both

I've tried a water tablet but that doesn't really agree with me either

I'm tired I guess because of AF the drugs and peeing when I should be sleeping

I'm going to speak to AF nurse again to see what he thinks

Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing this too

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All the blinking time! Increased micration is due to af. The brain gets tricked and believes that the body is dehydrated and produces more urine and more and more and more and more. Excuse the vulgarity but I was so sick and tired of it the other night I threatened just to put a bucket in the corner of the bed room!

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Jollies

In fact this is due to an enzyme released by the stressed heart when in AF which causes the body to get rid of salt and thus increases water output. This is a well known side effect of AF although not everybody suffers quite so badly. In my case it was every 20 minutes.

Hi Hardjuice - sorry to mention it but urinating at night might not be related to your drugs or AF but to your prostate. You are of an age where prostate issues can become a problem. Have you had it checked? Many people don't like the idea of a rectal examination but it is quick, painless and worthwhile to put your mind at rest. Prostate cancer kills people, AF doesn't!

Yea had prostate checks a few times

That was my first thought

But I had issues on that score some time back I seem ok in that area

I'm glad to hear it. It was an obvious point but sometimes the potential embarrassment stops people asking for a check - and that can have fatal consequences.

I have permanent AF and I regularly get up at least 3 times during the night and often more, I have sometimes only had two visits and that is bliss. Regarding the brain fog that will be the digoxin, I had to come off this after 1 year, it affected my memory quite badly. The EP I saw the other day openly admitted that digoxin did this, my cardio swore blind it did not. Anyway when I came of it all returned to normal about a month later, memory and brain fog gone.


I also have to pee 3 times + per night due to my permanent AF (low pulse AF for last 4 years) so you're in familiar territory

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