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Recovery symptoms



I'm new here and this is my first post.

Approximately 1 month ago I was diagnosed with AF and now have a balanced dosage (I hope) of appropriate drugs. I'm 76 and have been very fit up to this bombshell. however, although I don't now get the really breathless sessions I used to get I do experience a dull ache in my chest most times, especially when walking briskly, playing golf etc. Is this normal and will it eventually disappear?

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Welcome to the forum.

We are all different and you will read experiences across the spectrum of AF sufferers.

There are solutions for AF many of which result in the AF being dealt with.

Ask lots of questions. Hopefully you can get to see a good EP soon who can explain your options.

It is not the end of the world but can be a real nuisance.



Pain from AF is not unknown but neither is it general . In fact we always say that whilst AF is not dangerous ANY chest pain should be investigated so I suggest that you go back to your doctor and explain.

Welcome afpete. It can be a bombshell, but there are plusses with AF, one being the useful source of information here - and indeed Patients' Day in Birmingham (if you are in the UK) which is October 1st this year. Lots of interest for the newly diagnosed.

AF tends to make us behave properly and pay attention to our diet and health which is no bad thing and we'll perhaps outlive others who lives less prudently.

Hi Pete. I get left sided chest pain with my A Fib. I was readmitted after my first ablation for tests, but all is clear. Better to be safe than sorry, so go and get checked out.

The organs of the body are pretty tightly packed in there, so any undue movements or inflammation can can a dull ache. You mat also find you find it uncomfotable to lie on your left side. I know I certainly can't anymore.

I have no medical qualifications, but I would suspect that the dull ache in your chest may be something else, unrelated to your AF. I have had a 'tightness' in my chest for many years now, about 5 minutes into any strenuous activity, which then goes away after another 10 or 15 minutes. I have had this investigated three times, but the gradual build-up on the treadmill doesn't bring it on as I'm past the danger point before the exercise becomes strenuous enough. My AF started years later, and does not seem to be coincident with this.

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