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I've hit a blank wall


I have had PAF diagnosed now since my early 50s and of course I have been taking medication to control my heart rythm, the consultant physicians on the NHS have been very helpful, making me aware of the mechanics of the condition and the possible outcomes . I was to start on Warfarin when I returned from holiday on the last Monday of April 2009. However I had a massive stroke on the Sunday, which has left me mainly immobile on my left side. It is frustrating to say the least as I have always been so independent and active. I am sure it must be a difficult life for my husband who has been my strength throughout all this and I feel guilty about this. I did not have any significant aterial disease , but my arrythmia is genetic. I am well aware of keeping to a healthy diet. What I resent is the way people assume I need to be schooled in a healthy diet. It takes me all my time to keep living and help with the household chores, which exhausts me. However I have gained stones since my stroke because I am not so active. I don't know how I can be more active than tidying the house, doing laundry and dishes, and some gardening. I am also writing an historical novel (which only exercises one finger) sorry for sounding off but has anyone any suggestions as to what I can do? I desperately want to recapture a little more of the woman I was before. Any suggestions would be welcomed. (within reason)

thanks for reading this Annlynne

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when a new post comes up I find I have no place dispayed re .Reply.This has just begun happeneing.

Your determination does you great credit in doing such a lot for someone who is mainly immobile on the left. I totally understand your frustration. Just a thought - is your husband doing the cooking? I ask as when we are on holiday for extended periods my husband takes over and I always gain weight. He is great, does all the shopping but doesn't read the labels or look at the fat content of some of the recipes he follows. Your husband sounds so supportive, perhaps you could engage his help? I do hope you get some help with your quest to be more active and lose weight and wish you well.

Hello Annlynne. I too have gained weight since being diagnosed with permanent AF and my GP referred me to my local leisure centre where I have full use of their gym and spa facilities for a small fee on a three month trial. I have to say that I did feel a little intimidated in the gym when walking on the treadmill at a leisurely pace and the chap next to me was running a marathon! But it had the desired effect and now I swim regularly and I walk too. My plan was tailored to suit me. I appreciate that I am probably more mobile but your GP and your local stroke society may be able to point you in the right direction. There is a lot open to us; it's just finding out what and where it is! I wish you well.

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