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Troponin level raised

I had a Blood test as was suffering breathlessness and some pains in chest but am a smoker so quite normal for me. Anyway Dr phoned that evening saying I needed to go to A+E as Troponin level was 39. Scared stiff I went and had Chest X-Ray, ECG and more blood tests. Troponin was still high but as far as I know the other tests were ok. They told me I needed to referred to Rapid heart clinic and would receive an appointment within a week . I never got the appointment so phoned them and have now been sent a Cardiologist appointment for early August at my local hospital. I'm scared stiff as no one has explained anything to me and because of this I had to cancel my holiday which I should be on now. If I had high Troponin level does this definitely mean there is something wrong with my heart and if it was so bad why am I seeing a Cardiologist just for an initial appointment when told I would be having heart tests, stress tests and more within a week. Doesn't make sense to me. Just worried now as been totally left in the dark.

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I would get back to your GP and ask him what is going on and to explain to you about trop levels



Hi Mandie

I am not medically trained, but Troponin is a protein released into the bloodstream, there are a number of different types and some are released after a mild heart attack, and some from angina and other heart challenges. it does not categorically mean you have a problem, there could be a number of reasons for the high troponin levels and someone needs to find out why.

To be honest it sounds like your GP has done you a great favour by diagnosing this early, now you need to find out what caused the elevated levels.

I would go back to the GP, in my view you should be seen by the Urgent Chest Pain clinic as soon as possible, you need some peace of mind as to the casue, not waiting to see a Cardiologist in August.

Go back and see your GP he/she sounds really good andf talk it over with them.

Be well



Hi Mandie,

I'm sorry to hear what you've been going through. My last AF episode was in 2011 and probably my worst since the first one nearly 30 years ago. I too had a raised Troponin level at that time. My reading was 0.29 apparently. I was under the impression that normal level was literally trace (say 0.00001) and that if it was raised, then you'd had a heart attack. However, my Cardiologist said that it was merely an indicator that the heart had undergone stress and not necessarily that a heart attack had taken place. He went on to say that I definitely had not suffered a heart attack on that occasion.

My Critical Illness provider would pay out a claim with Trop levels of 0.5 or greater (with some other things being satisfied) but would not pay below 0.5, even if the general consensus was that a heart attack had taken place.........

Hopefully this helps put your readings in some sort of perspective? I would still recommend getting it checked out as thoroughly as you can, but not letting it get you too up tight, as we all know that is entirely counterproductive to what we have.

Good luck and take care,


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Hi Mandie the last 2 episodes of Afib that I had showed raised troponin levels . The first time it was 26 and the last was 69 .

It was explained to me by the cardiologist that when your heart gets excited during an episode of AF it throws off the hormone and is not indicative of a heart attack. I did have a follow up stress test which was fine .

I think you should go back k to your GP who I am sure will reassure you .

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