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Extra heart beats


Hey guys

My pulce pauses for fee seconds and my heart rate drops to 52bpm at times according to the BP monitor any similar experiences as this gives me high levels of anxiety .Does the machine gives the wrong reading because of the pauses do you think? My heart rate recovers back to 82bpm after few minutes with the machine and aldo by feeling my pause on my wrist

Your response will be greatly appreciated


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I have replied by message.

Hi there, since my third ablation almost 3 weeks ago, I had 5 days when I was missing beats and my pulse dropped to about 46 bpm. In other words totally opposite of the mild increase in pluse rate when I was in A fib before my ops.

This seems to have settled but, like you, I found it quite worrying.

Spartan66 in reply to Maggimunro

Hey Maggimunro

I had a message from BobD and passified my worries.The reason why the pulse reading is low on the BP machine is because say if you missed beat every 3 good beats in a minute if say your average heart beat is 70 then will drop by 20 beats to 50bpm so don't worry so much about it.I was getting funny ideas about sick sinus note etc but Bob god bless him dispersed all my unwarranted fears have a good evening

Maggimunro in reply to Spartan66

Hi Spartan, thanks for your reply. I had eventually worked this one out after following varous threads on the site. What a great site this is. I wish I had found it two years ago as I started on this journey of A fib and ablations.

Phew!! As you say, initially quite worrying, but now I feel quite reassured. Also, the obvious ectopics and palpitations seem to have calmed down.


Spartan66 in reply to Maggimunro

Absolutely !! This is a great side indeed it has given me more knowledge and confidence to soldier along sharing experiences with real people take care

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