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Heart For Heart Initiative Launch

Heart For Heart Initiative Launch

Happitech, Arrhythmia Alliance and Bug Labs will announce the launch of the Heart for Heart campaign during World Heart Rhythm Week. This campaign invites people to participate in the world’s largest crowdsourced heart health initiative by recruiting them to contribute their heart rhythm data using the free Heart for Heart iPhone App.

Heart for Heart is the world’s largest heart health initiative with a focus on using the power of crowdsourcing to gain a million heart measurements that will help better understand the characteristics of the participants.

Heart for Heart also helps generate awareness for Atrial Fibrillation (Afib), the most common heart rhythm disorder, that affects an estimated 33.5 million people. It is the second leading cause of stroke and a third of the group is unaware of having the condition.

Happitech is currently developing a technology that allows for screening for Afib using only your smartphone. To speed up the development of the technology, we have setup a crowdsourcing health initiative alongside our clinical trials.

In the same way, you can donate your money for help proceed research. We are asking you to donate 90 seconds to donate your data to help advance the research.

The data is used to better differentiate between Atrial Fibrillation patients and Regular Heart Rate patients. The more users the more chance we have with discovering new patterns that were previously not identifiable, more over answering location, age and gender can also help discover gender differences when it comes to the heart.

Arrhythmia Alliance, Happitech and TU Darmstadt will publish a scientific paper on the results once the campaign has ended.

During the World Heart Rhythm week from June 5th to 11th, the focus is to raise awareness for the many millions of people across the globe affected by heart rhythm disorders known as Arrhythmias. AF is the most common Arrhythmia and a prevalent cause of stroke in the world, leading to annual totals of 750,000 hospitalizations and 130,000 deaths, with those numbers rising for the past two decades.

Heart for Heart App is free to download from the Apple Appstore


Frequently asked Questions:

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This sounds a great initiative. Is there an Android smartphone version of the app?


Thank you very much. At the moment, there is not an Android smartphone version. However, we hope to develop one soon!


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