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Hi all I am still waiting to see the cardiologist 3/7. I saw my doctor three weeks ago as I was having hot swears every hour or so. She recommended I half my bioprosol to 2.5 just at night three weeks ago. This weekend I have been going in and out of af and phoned 111 who sent an ambulance round. All was ok ( not having heart attack) they said to have a word with my doctor. But I have no confidence in them they seem to be guessing. I still have sweats but not as offen. My af seems to if calmed down I am not breathless If you were me would you wait for cardiology appointment?

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Hi Elaine, it sounds as though your body may be getting used to your tablets if your symptoms appear to be calming down. It is after all a bit of a shock to the system to be suddenly taking the pills you've been given. How do you feel when your heart is going in and out of AF? Do you feel ill or worn out? Certainly going in and out of AF can be normal for some people. How do you measure what your heart is doing?



I am not medically trained, and still have a lot to learn about AF. However, from what I have learned so far, AF is not life threatening (unless you are mountain climbing or doing something equally dangerous!). Treatment is aimed at improving your quality of life, as there is no certain cure for this condition. On that basis, I think you should wait to see the cardiologist, but then try to be firm and pro-active with them to get the answers you need. Most of the problems with AF are made worse by anxiety, and for me that can only be fought against with knowledge.

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