AF is back!!

I read here most days, and after 3 ablations over the past few years I have found this group so supportive!

Third ablation was in July last year and I have been the best ever since then....I had a bad back for a few months and just had five sessions of physiotherapy and acupuncture. Over the last couple of weeks I have had ectopics especially when in bed at night and several seconds of fast rates a couple of times.

Then at 2am last night I woke up, and in Fast AF for 20 minutes, Alive Cor confirmed. So am really gutted and disappointed that my ablations only seem to last about a year!

Does anyone think the acupuncture could have contributed? And interestingly this back pain!!

Very despondent this morning.


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  • Sorry to hear that. It's one of those conditions that seems to play with us. I doubt the accupuncture is linked. Hope your EP will be able to offer you a way forward.

  • Thank you...I am just grasping at straws to try and connect to a possible trigger after being so well for the best nine months in years!

  • Yes Ann, quite a blow. My sympathies. I've also gone through a 9month fallow period and my AF came back with a vengeance. ( needed DCCV no 17 but I'm stopping counting now )

    Think of it as a blip. You may be ok for several months now. After all ablation is rarely, if ever, a cure...just helping to keep you symptom free.

    Try not to be too despondent. I try to put it at the back of my mind but know it's always lurking so I'm never really surprised when it appears again.

    Are you being backed up with an anti arrhythmic drug?

    At least you don't have back pain now !

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Sandra. I have followed your journey too. I put myself back on Diltiazem last night after stopping it 3 Months post ablation. I can't have Flecainide now as after 8 years it became ineffective and caused more ectopics post ablation number 2. I'll see the consultant on Tuesday. I'd like to think it's a blip but do know better now!!!

    Keep well.


  • No I don't think acupuncture contributed.

    You and I both, my AF returned Oct 2016. Having up to 3 episodes a week but treatment is very complicated for me these days so I am holding off going back to the EP, if I can.

  • you might just need a tiny touch up? heart heals and scars from ablation shrink a little I believe0 lets the errant signals in a bit Ask you EP as soon as possible before things get going again??

  • Thanks..i know that this is not going to go away, and know its just when it happens again...I am seeing the EP on Tuesday.

  • Maybe I am in a minority here but I would not rule anything out. I had a bout of multiple ectopics stop after Bowen treatment once which is a similar sort of treatment which uses "ley lines" in the body. That was after he set me off the previous visit! lol

  • Thanks Bob, you just never know!

  • My AF got a lot worse when I had a slipped disc - I think the pain causes stress and that's the big trigger

  • I am thinking the stress of a bad back and keeping up the momentum of life after my third ablation last July may have something to do with the return of AF. I have had a couple of quiet days now!!

  • I have had a few very short episodes lasting couple of minutes - caught on kardia. This about a year ago but nothing since. So i still regard myself as AF free. Ablation was November 2013.

  • So thrilled for you and enjoy the wonderful AF free life!!

  • So maybe yours is not back, only making a short attempt!! I really hope it is not so best of luck 🍀

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