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4 wks after cardioversion

After being in persistent flutter for maybe one year I had a cardioversion 4 wks ago. I have never had symptoms and exercised extensively throughout. BP normal and no diabetes. Bradycardia ( 46bpm) after exercise with no other symptoms. After cv my bp was low for a week and the diastolic remains low at c65. Bradycardia now seems permanent around 40bpm with no symptoms. Ectopics have vanished. Back at the gym with no ill effects. Only "symptom" is more thumping heart beats than before. I have been recommended ablation if flutter reappears. This update is just to share experience and benefit from other posts as appropriate.


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There are no guarantees with cardioversion, but I was told that it is a more suitable treatment for atrial flutter than atrial fibrillation. Other contributors to the forum have stated that, if ablation proves to be necessary the procedure is also simpler, so there are reasons to be cheerful.


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