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How do I know the Reveal device is working if not picking up daily comotosing on ingestion daily as cannot alert or check it as helpline say not medical ?This has been same with the dubious Telecare set ups wanting the drama of calling out ambulances. I am also dyspraxic [ technically dyslexic ] at MA level When tried to contact the hospital re: this & fact only doing 6mthly samples of recording was told to wait for next appt which was with a dreaded registrar blocking as did not understand the medical & probably on holiday now ??!When asked for it not to be as this is what happened with GPs with classic heart failure symptons before MI and PAH after .When raised this as an issue another appt was made 6 mths later without informing me . Am I getting blamed for this?

What is going on? There is no planning or access to urgent care even Telecare & A&Es now have moved to Gloucestershire .Why did it take 3 yrs to get diuretics .Now oedema has become lipo- lymphoedema and cannot be treated or reversed with no provision.Yes that includes oxygen & why do admin who are supposed to be monitoring refuse me as a risk .Surely this is discrimination when not appropriately diagnosed.Is there not an NHS Constitution?As for online personal records that are also maladminstrated is this why denied access to.

PS Are they there over Easter? Suspect not !

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I, also have reveal implanted in my chest since 2015 to give the EP permanent readings before my ablation in December 2015. It's been there since. I download the readings every 3 months and shortly after I get an appointment to see my EP. The thing I don't understand is how much longer is it to be in there? I haven't any worries about it, because I trust the EP's team totally, as I put my trust in all the NHS .


Why are they asking to sample and continue when it is not revealing problem as not contacting .Don' see how to Download as expect mine different?I am 70 yrs & dyspraxic & find the whole thing not getting to source of problem and when one travels 100miles each way to discuss with Dr who implanted it is yet another Registrar never had anything to do with??!!When tried to contact Easter saturday there is no one on helpline or at the hospital.I hope noone dies as a result .AS 111 also time wasters on remits.


I have paroxysmal AF that is both high and also low. eg November 216 BPM and the following March 31 BPM. Since my ablation I've not had the same to that extent but it is all over the place particularly the ectopics that are very severe, to the point of pain sometimes. I also have other troubles and rattle as I walk with the amount of tabs I take. I don't have to travel 100 miles to the hospital with its heart and lung centre. More like 4 miles. I live near Wolverhampton in the UK. I guess you could say the job wasn't a total success, and if I get any bother I still seek advice, even at the a & e by using an ambulance . However, as you said, we may have them for different reasons. The unit I have consists of 3 parts. 1. The implant. 2. The activater. 3. The unit to download the data to the hospital. More than that, I don't know. They're no trouble to use, so no worries. Anyway, take care, Dave x


PS. I sidetracked myself then. Of the 3 different parts. .... the implant is always recording, but if there's a problem, you hold the activater on the implant and click the button. Then, to download to hospital. If you have the same unit there is thing like a telephone that you hold on the implant and click the button on that. That's why I think we may not have the same because the downloader explains each action as you go along. Does that clear things up? Dave x


I don't think mine has an activator as don't know where it is and if recording all the time why would you need one & why has noone shown me the results or addressed the problem ? If I was comotose [ quite likely as happens daily ] how does anyone know especially at weekends & public holidays if not registering ?


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