Cardioversion yesterday

As previously posted I had asymptomatic atrial flutter and bradycardia for 6 months and 3 years respectively. Following the CV I emerged without flutter but with bradycardia. 46 BPM. Previously bradycardia only occurred some hours after exercise. I think the shock of the CV has had the same result as the exercise but I am concerned whether it is now permanent or will revert to the previous manifestation. Before CV I basically ignored the condition and exercised extensively 3 times a week with only the resultant asymptomatic temporary bradycardia as a consequence. Right now I feel a bit tired and wonder when I should return to my exercise regime. I never exercised with bradycardia before since it was a result of exercise and had disappeared before my next exercise event. I have an appointment with an EP to discuss and decide whether an ablation would be appropriate if and when the flutter returns. My issues seem relatively minor compared to others on the site but since these issues can be progressive I would be grateful for any advice.


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  • Take it easy for a few days Jimmy and get the sedation etc out of your system before you even think about exercise. I think it might be wise to speak with your EP before going too far as well. Above all listen to your body.

  • Hi Jimmy - Wise words from Bob.

    Whatever you do don't start exercising again too soon. After I had a cardioversion last year I walked up a steep hill the next day and my heart went back into tachycardia immediately. I still can't believe how foolish I was! Have had cardioversions before that, with great success. Just let your heart get stronger and used to beating in a normal way.


  • I would give it at least a week to settle then ask your consultant.

  • Thanks for all the sensible advice. I really didn't know what to expect after CV and probably underestimated the effect. I should be grateful that the flutter has gone( for the time being} and make sure I don't undo the good work. I'll take a week off and think again.


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