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Endurance athletes and sporty types essential reading!

I can thoroughly recommend "The Haywire Heart" by Case,Mandrola and Zinn. Published by I got my copy from Amazon. Excellent book about why some endurance athletes get AF. Good description of why it happens, what to do about it, treatments and supplements. Also a good general read for those with AF.

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This is an excellent book! Even if it caused me to have nightmares! Thanks for the recommendation.


Excellent read and some very useful thoughts for approaching restarting training. 8 weeks post ablation and given the all clear to train. Did have the discussion with the EP Nurse about her understanding of training and mine. They differ enormously... start low and slow.

Great case studies helped my psych thoughts.


I think we are rather on our own when it goes to how much training you can do. That is were I found the book useful.

8 weeks after my ablation I was cycling at altitude in Colorado but perhaps that was pushing it a bit.

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I have walked many kilometres, 2 short and slow runs and 2 short rides in the last 8 weeks. I am still struggling with motivation which can be resolved by some good goal setting. A bit of a circular self-talk conversation.

Now working on 10% increase in either duration OR intensity per week.


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