Ablation success stories?

I am having my cryo ablation done for the first time next week to address PAF. Recently I had the episodes happening every 10 days accompanied by bouts of indigestion. But for about a month now my stomach is calm and AFIB does not happen (fo 4 weeks now). Now I am having second thoughts if I should go with ablation. My other question to this forum is are there anybody here who had a successful long lasting (more than 2 years) PAF ablation done. Thank you.


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  • Yes, me and loads of others. My RF PVI was done in 2005. My AF had become persistent, round the clock, and bad. Often I couldn't even stand. I was taken off rhythm meds a few days before the ablation, then came out without any AF at all, nothing. I did not go back on any drugs after the ablation except for anticoagulants which I'm on for life.

    That lasted for 8-9 years. Then I had a teeny weeny bit of AF come back. I could hardly feel it but my EP said he would like to do a 2nd ablation just to nip it in the bud. But the abation had to ba aborted for other reasons.

    So I'm back on drugs again.

    BUT, and this is a personal theory, my first ablation is still working because even though I need drugs again, when you consider how bad I was before my first ablation and how that would have developed, I doubt very much whether the drugs that I'm on now and that are working, would be able to cope.

    The ablation was a doddle. I was back at light work (tractor driving etc) in the 2nd week.


  • Thank you Koll. That is very very reassuring. Guess what, after 2 hours of my posting, AFIB came back.

  • nine years

  • Thank you BobD. It makes me feel so much better.

  • My first (and only) ablation was in November 2013 and I am AF and med free since then. I do take apixaban. It took 5 months for everything to settle down and since then - bliss!!

  • Yes! My ablation was life changing event - for the better

  • Yes, my cryo was in 2008 and gave me my life back. Like you I was having episodes every week and I couldn't plan any days out or holidays without the fear of PAF.

    Go for it as it seems to last longer and be more successful if your PAF is treated as soon as the consultant agrees you can have the procedure.

    All the best


  • Hi I'm just 12 days post RF ablation and feeling great. Recovery was much easier than I had imagined and my heart has been calm and quiet since I opened my eyes in recovery. That's not to say that I might not get a few bumps & blips in the blanking period, but so far, so good. In fact I'm returning to work today and actually looking forward to it. I was in two minds about having ablation because I had PAF off and on (sometimes with months in between) for a bit over a year, and hadn't had any for the month before the ablation, with just a few ectopic where and there. I always self converted and afib lasted anywhere from minutes to 4 hours. So compared to others on this site, I thought I was being a bit too aggressive but didn't want to start down the anti-arrhythmic meds road. I went to three EPs for opinions and finally settled on the third. He said its best and more successful early on rather than wait til it gets worse. I'm very happy I did it. Recovery was, in my case, a piece of cake. Best of luck to you, and let us know how it goes.

  • Thank you. I feel so much comfortable now. I will let you all know how it went.

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