Moon Cycle

We are coming up to a full moon - I think Friday? Does anyone else find the moon cycle effects them?

I have blackout blinds so it's not the light, although the moon does shine directly into bedroom window as faces SW, so without blackout blind it would be very bright, however, the room is very black as I am light phobic.

Even so, for 3-4 nights I have insomnia, heart rhythm goes a bit haywire, nothing specific - more ectopics, few PACs etc - but just more than normal for me. I have been tracking for the last few months very carefully and always 3-4 nights before full moon, not on full moon - which is when everything settles down.

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  • Apart from developing an extended face, wet nose, long fingernails and the sudden growth of facial hair, no - all seems fine......

  • I change from pigs blood to politicians at full moon

  • Yes, for quite a long time I've certainly realised that the moon cycle does have an effect on my sleep. Don't think it does on my AF though.


  • Thank you. The last AF episode I had since my ablation was also in this time frame, but as my sleep is so badly affected - I blamed the lack of sleep rather than the direct effect of moon.

    As to the other comments - ask any emergency services and they will tell you - full moon = increase in calls - werewolves no exception.

  • Never thought of this but I shall certainly bear it in mind and note the effects.

  • Hi Sandra - the only way I caught on was because I started using an app for tracking my quality of sleep for reasons other than AF related and the app tracks moon cycle, so I started looking at why? It seems there was a retrospective study on affects of moon cycle which highlighted an increase in insomnia at certain times of the month which coincided with moon cycle - a few days before full moon is always worse.

  • Food for thought here! Some research required perhaps.....

  • Thank you. I have looked back at when I've had AF and it sometimes has been a few days before the full moon - but sometimes not! And sleeplessness? I have some fitbit records but I think wakeful nights could be more sporadic than linked to the moon. But I will be on the watch now.

    I once received a copy of an email from someone in reply to one from a friend and what hadn't been noticed was that a previous email was still appended and, amusingly, it included a frank and none too flattering but quite valid description of my husband and me. There is clearly plenty of lunacy in our lives already.

  • Similar thing happened to me - I replied to it to which I received a reply which said it was a Freudian mistake - again sent to me by mistake as the sender was really replying to her boss - which considering the topic was about supervising a trainee psychotherapist was very amusing!

  • Thanks! CDreamer Could be why I am insomniatic ( is there such a word ??!) on a few days a month. Will keep a record.


  • I would be interested in hearing about results. x

  • Insomniac?

  • Of course !!

  • See the moons affecting your mind too! As your usually so alert!


  • I'll blame it on the moon anyway !

  • I think the biodynamic agriculturalists would agree with you, I personally have never tracked it.

  • Love some of these comments! Can anyone advise me which magnesium supplement to use that doesn't give you the runs!!!

  • If it gives you the runs then you probably don't need it. I can't take magnesium supplements at all but some people find the spray on oil a better way of absorbing magnesium,

  • AF is affected by body cycle and nervous system changes when we rest and sleep= maybe the light is different before a full moon?

    Only explanation unless you choose the were-wolf ones given already!!

  • Rosy if you read the study - which was retrospective and only picked up by accident - that was adjusted for.

    Yes, I thought it was the light, until I imposed a blackout. Made no difference. I only discovered this by accident as I track my sleep and it was only when I analysed the results over about 12 months I saw the curve dip at the same time in the moon cycle,

    It is too easy to dismiss this phenomena as fiction but there is surely enough evidence In folklore to not ignore the effect.

    As OrchardWorker says - many biodynamic agriculturalists would agree.

  • Hi CDreamer, doesn't the moon create the tides? So must have some pull on water. Perhaps does similar to water in our bodies.


  • The moon's gravity, together with the sun, pulls the water to the side of the earth nearest to it. The highest tides of the month are when the effect is at its greatest, that is when there is the biggest difference in rise and falll which occurs at full moon and are called spring tides and lowest effect occur mid cycle and are called neap tides. The rise and fall is always measured in ft or nowadays in metres. So for where I live a 5m tide is about as big as we will ever get, but that would only ever happen at equinox. Tomorrow's tide is 3.5m.

    You never know what you might learn here do you?

    Growing up in a seaside town and having a family who sailed I learned this stuff very early as essential information. As kids we used to walk out to an island in the middle of the estuary and purposely get 'caught' by incoming tide so we couldn't get home and would have to spend the day on the island until next low when it dried out enough to be safe enough to walk home. Our parents knew what we were doing but couldn't argue with compromising out safety.

  • think you misunderstood me- or I was unclear !!

    I was saying that as AF can start when our system changes when we are at rest/sleeping- and vagal tone alters- then these other changes may influence how our body reacts.

  • I got that thank you. I think my post was more about the affect on sleep per se. My only link to AF is that if I don't sleep well and get overtired I am always more susceptible to palpitations and possible AF.

  • I don't know about you, but I had such a struggle to get to sleep last night. I looked outside around 12 and the moonlight was so brilliant it didn't look like that time of night at all.

  • Oh yes, I struggled, last night, quite a powerful one. The light is why I have blackout blinds - it isn't just the light.

    It was beautiful though, we had an extraordinary blue colour - the world looked as it might through a camera lens with a blue filter.

  • Poor quality sleep, restlessness and increased AF symptoms every full moon so, yes, definitely affected

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