Afib or anxiety

Hi everyone,

Does anyone else ever wake up in the middle of the night with a racing heart rate? It happens every other night, and I'm able to slow it down with deep breathing. I had a heart monitor on for a few weeks and recorded quite a bit of things that felt funky. Doctor said no sign of going in and out of afib.

Is this just my anxiety waking me up? I feel like it might be PTSD, as the first and only time I had an episode was in the middle of the night. The fire alarm had randomly gone off in the middle of the night and it scared me awake. Then my heart started flip flopping.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share


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  • Have been checked for sleep apnoea?

  • Good question. I have not. I'll talk to my doctor about that. Thank you!

  • Just a thought but I find it happens sometimes when I'm either too hot or from lying on my left side and as soon as I've adjusted the cause my heart stops racing and settles down. Sometimes the reason is a simple one but being super conscious of any random unusual heartbeat is the new norm for those of us with AF etc.

  • So true, and this just fuels anxiety. A friend has suggested to me to throw away my fitbit, as it only makes things worse

  • Oh damn, I've been debating whether or not to keep my Fitbit lol

  • Try Breatheright Nasal strips, it may be you are not getting enough oxygen, improved it for me.

  • Great idea!!!

  • If it happens that frequently, get yourself a Kardia. Its only $100 U.S., will give you peace-of-mind, or will tell you if you're having AF.

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