Paroxysmal AF

Paroxysmal AF

Hi I'm new to here I had SVT in 2012 and had an ablation which burned away 3 extra pathways this was very successful and I was great until Nov 5th 2016 when I was diagnosed with Paroxismal AF my Carvedilol was upped and then on Monday this week (9/1/17) I ended up at A&E again with carvedilol now doubled ..... still here and having as normal a life as possible and still working. Enough already just wanted to say hi 😃

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  • Hello Alli, and welcome to the place you would rather not be!! Sorry to hear that the year hasn't started too well for you, but it sounds like you have a positive attitude which is so valuable when dealing with AF. I'm sure you have taken the time to read some of the posts here in the forum and will have some idea of the info flow that many of us find helpful. There are a number of volunteers who are particularly helpful because their depth of knowledge is far greater than us poor mortals. You may have already seen some of the information which is available on the AFA webpage - well worth looking at.

    I know you will get a warm welcome and I'm also sure that like me, and so many others, you will benefit from the wealth of experience which exists from the quoin a phrase....I just wanted to say hi......John

  • Thanks John I look forward to reading and learning about this thing called AF and gaining from other people's experiences and knowledge 👍😀

  • And a high to you too Alli58, quite a long time to be free of SVT, I have had SVT then AF/Flutter and had 4 veins ablated. This condition lasted 5 years on different medications before I decided to get an ablation, it wasn't pleasant at times. It must be a bit disappointing to have to go back to A&E but it also may give you the opportunity to concentrate on other lifestyle factors along with different doses of medications. Here's hoping the latest meds will do the trick.

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