I've been on warfarin for 6 years with no actual problems other then occasional tests coming back high or low which I am sure is due to measurement error rather than my INR actually going silly. However getting really upset with the warfarin department who have been phoning me regularly to get extra tests done, which I do and they come back normal.

Now the NOACs are well established, does anyone know of comparisons of the different types so I can ask for the most likely best one ?

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  • Hi Mike, I went back to warfarin after trying rivaoxiban as they didn't agree with me at all. When I went back they tried to sell me a home testing kit - wasn't cheap but maybe an option rather than trying new drugs.

  • Hi Mike, I have been taking Apixaban for three years with no problems of any kind. The cardiologist who prescribed it said it had the lowest bleed factor of any anticoagulant available then. I suppose it is a matter of - discuss with your doctor and try one of them out.

  • Hi Mike ,

    I'm pretty sensitive to most meds. but after having side effects difficulties with Warfarin, have been taking Apixaban for the past 15 months.

    No side effects to date and my local pharmacist suggests it is a little easier on the system than some of the others so maybe worth a try.

    I am not really sure that one NOAC is better than's just a case of finding one that you can tolerate but good luck anyway.

  • You migh find this worth watching...

    He also has a video on "The Best NOAC for Me". I can watch it but can't post it here for some reason!!!


  • I asked the Cardiologist's registrar which NOAC he would recommend and he said Apixaban. Have been on it for 8 months with no problems. Hope you find one which suits you.

  • If no heavy side effects, I'd say don't change a winning team. About the test, what about home testing? if I stay on Marcumar for a long time, doctor can prescribe home testing kit and I could selfcheck any funny result. Is that possible in your country?

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