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Hello friends! While waiting for Barts (London) to arrange a cardioversion, I finally plucked up courage to ask to see an EP, and now have an appointment in January. However, I've just had a phone call offering the CV on 30th November. I have declined this until I've seen the EP, as I feel I don't know anything about the state of my heart or why the CV might be appropriate. I'm on Warfarin and Atenolol, but have various heart arrhythmia, so I'm not sure I've done the right thing. With the usual caveats about not being experts, what do people think?

Best wishes,

Pat (Pat AF)

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  • I would have had it. If it makes you feel better it can point to different treatment plans. The EP will doubtless want to try anyway.

  • Thanks, Bob. I'm happy to have a CV, but felt so ignorant. By the way, my ignorance extends to not really knowing what my heart flutters, bumps and rate-changes are! When people say 'I was in AF all day', or something similar, I'm not sure what that feels like.

  • Try taking your pulse. If you go to AF Association website there are loads of fact sheets there to help you understand all about AF . Once you learn to take your pulse you will be able to check if it is regular or not.

  • Thanks again, Bob. I will do that right now.


  • I have only needed one CV so far. Plenty of posts here explain it, and it is less bother than having a tooth out. I agree with Bob. In addition, there is also quite a lot of evidence that for a CV, the sooner the better.

  • We have to be careful not to think a cardio-version (CV) is anything but a method of stopping the current AF episode. It is certainly not a treatment to prevent the next one. This will come at any time. It is perfectly possible therefore, following a CV, to go into your next AF episode hours, days or weeks later - just as would have happened if the episode that the CV halted, had stopped spontaneously. What it does do however is to show you and your EP that you can be reverted to NSR - usually a necessary qualification for the next step, an ablation. That of course is the closest thing we have to a cure for this horrible condition.

  • Many thanks, ILowe and Robert (E Lee). I have read all I can about CV itself, and I'm certainly aware of its often temporary effects. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with AF over a year ago, and this was by chance, (at a pre-assessment for a different operation), and I may well have had it for some time previously, so it's not exactly 'soon'. My real reason for hesitating is that I have never had a proper discussion about the condition of my heart, even after having an echocardiograph, which the cardiologist said would show the structure of my heart. From reading the posts here, I realised that my best step would be to see a an EP - but it meant postponing the CV.

    Very happy to hear yours has been successful first time, ILowe!


  • Have you asked why the medics think you need a CV .

    If not perhaps an explanation from them might make you feel better about it. I find not knowing adds to the worry and fires up the imagination.

    I am sure they would not do it if they did not think it would do the job or give them an indication of how things are for you .

    Until you have experienced it for yourself its natural to worry . My biggest worry was being knocked at and then how I might feel coming round. I think the time you are out is so short it does take long to get with it again.

    Hope what ever you decide it works out for you -- good luck

  • Thanks, 'Constabule'. You're right to say not knowing adds to the worry, and that's exactly why I asked to see an EP. I must make sure I have my list of questions ready! I think I was lined up for CV as a first step to try to get the heart stabilised, and, as 'RobertELee' (above) kindly explained, to check whether I can be reverted to sinus, in case I need ablation. I'm v. high risk on the test for stroke, so I suppose they need to get on with it, but I want to know what's wrong with my heart, and what sort of AF do I have.

    I'm so grateful for everyone's responses. Many thanks for taking the trouble.


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