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Visit to cardiologist

Thanks for your thoughtful responses to my first post. Since I wrote I have had a 24 hour monitor fitted and a follow-up visit to a cardiologist. I handed the cardiologist my post and let her read it. She felt my pulse and said that it was erratic and I had a further ECG. The result of my 24 hour trace showed that I was experiencing ectopic beats for 19% of the time and that both atrial and ventricular chambers had arrhythmias. I was prescribed sotolol 40mg twice daily - a low dose but I seem to be sensitive to all medications. I was taken off Add to bisoprolol. One of my concerns was that I didn't know if the pulsing I was experiencing was due to AF or ectopic beats. Probably a mixture! I feel reassured that it is mostly ectopic beats.

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It's good that the pulses you feel are mainly ectopics and glad you feel reassured but you still have AF, which may be progressive.

May I ask how Sotolol was prescribed? What was the sensitivity? Sotolol is a combined rate/rhythm drug favoured by cardiologists but hardly ever prescribed by Electrophysiologists and is not advised for AF treatment by NICE.

Have you seen an EP?

All the drugs given for AF have side effects and I cannot take any of them so ablation or cardioversion is my only treatment. Whilst AF begets AF - NSR begets NSR,

May I suggest you watch the video posted today

Very informative and food for thought about trying everything you can to keep well, which may include seeing an EP.

Best wishes CD.


Thanks for your cautionary comments. Sotolol is to be taken 40mg twice a day. I will discuss with the GP.


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