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What is the best procedure

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but I must say that it has helped me to not just understand my problem but also accept it as there are other people out there going through what I thought I was the only person on earth going through. I was first diagnosed with AF 5/6 years ago now, to say I was knocked to the floor with a bang would be an understatement. I had always been a fit active person but suddenly couldn't keep up with unfit people when walking up hills. Going up the stairs was like climbing Everest. Three years ago I had a cardio-version which gave me two and a half years of bliss, I was cycling and doing the T-25 exercise program and things were great. Sadly one morning about 5 months ago I woke up to that nightmare feeling of AF, it had come back. Now I have a choice of treatment, an ablation or a mini- maize procedure, which is the best. I look forward to any helpful advice, Thanks in advance.

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Hi Lakey and welcome to this mad world.

In answer to you question there probably isn't a best as we are all different and many people have various reasons why one may work and another not . MY advice would be to read all about ablation from the booklet which you can download from AF Association website which explains the various procedures. As I recently explained in another post the two major types of ablation- cryo or RF - have benefits and disadvantages themselves. Minimaze being far more invasive is not commonly done unless other cardiac surgery is needed so that may be a consideration.


I would do a normal ablation either RF or cyro depending on your needs. Minimize only if you are bad enough to need it. Like other simpler have failed or already need other open heart surgery for something else.


Thanks for your help, appreciated.


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