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Here I go again

Although not a newbie, this is my 1st post.

following cardioversions and ablations, I sincerely thought I was cured, until a year after my 3rd ablation, AF came back to me.

I contacted my GP, who gave me an ECG, heart-rate 130, she then contacted local Cardiac Unit requesting portable ECG monitoring, who advised me to take no medication (flecanaide) and admit myself to A&E if it recurred or got worse ???????

2 weeks later, after hearing no response from anyone I made a GP appointment and raised my concerns that I still had AF with heart-rate varying 50 - 130, leaving me exhausted most of the time. This GP has raised an urgent request to the Cardiac Unit which he says will be answered within 2 weeks - watch this space ( my experience of the Ablation Op at Royal Brompton is normally a waiting list of 18 weeks minimum, last one was 36 weeks)

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Hi. Sorry to hear this news.

I would either go to A & E, which should have been first thing if your AF was 130, or failing that, contact the secretary of your Electrophysiologist who did you ablation, and work from there.



agree with Pip Pip You shouldn't be left in limbo like this Hope you feel better soon.


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