Are there any men with A/F out there who are taking Tamsulosin 400mg for Prostrate problems. I have been prescribed them by the hospital but the side effects info which comes with the capsules mentions them causing Arrythmia's, A/F and Tachycardia. I am in rate controlled, Persistent A/F, and I am a bit concerned about these side effect issues, I have rang the hospital Urology Nurse Practitioner (who prescribed them) and she said it would be fine for me to take them. I am interested in the opinion of anyone who is taking them.



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  • Mikee I am pretty sure that I took these at some time in my prostate journey before the operation and do not recall it causing any problems. They list side effects even if very rare so best to give them a go and see what happens. Had mine out five years ago.


  • Thanks very much for your reply Bob, it's much appreciated. Not too many years ago, a doctor told me not to read too much into the information that comes with medication, it's there because of the same reasons you mention and also for legal issues. Trouble is, if it's there it's hard not to look. I'll start the Tamsulosin tomorrow.

    Thanks again,


  • Much better to have one a day Cialis. The low dose 5mg version does help the flow.

  • Hi Milee, my AF is controlled with Flecainide 50mg BD and bisoprolol 5mg OD, but following prostatitis several years ago, I've been taking tamsulosin 400 micro grams, without problems. I'm also on esomeprazole 20mg for my hiatus hernia and Barrett's .

    I wouldn't worry too much about tamsulosin causing AF. However I am a firm believer that we are all different and one size (or tablet) doesn't fit all and so we occasionally need to juggle the dose or the type of medication to suit us individually.

    If the medication isn't working, or if it's causing side effects, get your doctor to try something else or try a different dose. Case in point; my AF medication (Flec & bisop) dose was halved recently. after 6 years, because I was getting side effects (tiredness etc) and the AF is still controlled. I've also been prescribed amlodipine to control high blood pressure. Bill

  • Hello Bill,

    Thanks for your reply, I started to take the Tamsulosin this morning so we will see how it goes. Another thing I was a bit concerned about was the fact that, among other meds., I take Doxasosin and the info also states, "do not take the two together" so I asked the local Pharmacist for his opinion, he said there was no real danger in taking the two, it's just that the two drugs work the same way and they can cause a drop in blood pressure so keep an eye on B.P. especially when starting them. It's down to me being too cautious about these things.

    Thanks again,


  • I was diagnosed with BPH and given Tamsulosin. It definitely did not agree with me - but that's usually the case with me - I get every side-effect know to man! My heart failure and arrhythmia were caused by taking Tramadol.

    I stopped taking Tamsulosin and started taking Saw Palmetto instead. It's a natural product that helps to soften the prostate. I've been using it for about five years now and it is working well.

    I realise that this is not for everyone as some people don't like taking anything not prescribed by a doctor.

    I think it works for me because I seem to be very sensitive to anything I take and this is mild and is natural. It took a couple weeks before I got the effect I was hoping for.

    I get mine from Healthspan and it is a one a day capsule. £11.95 for 90 capsules.

    (That's not a recommendation- just a guide to the cost.)

    If the Tamsulosin doesn't work out my GP said that there are alternatives. I tried one that I can't remember the name of and it had similar side-effects to the Tamsulosin.



  • When I was taking Saw Palmetto I was getting it in tincture form from a herbalist. I always prefer things that are not concentrated into gel or powder form. It was quite expensive in tincture form so I noted the details when the herbalist was pouring it out of her big bottle.

    I contacted the Herbal Apothecary and bought it direct in litre bottles at about a fifth of the price. You are supposed to be a herbalist to buy it but they are very understanding on that point. I used to but Aloe Vera and other items from them as well.


  • Hi Mikee. I could be you or you could be me ! State of health pretty much the same.

    I have been taking Tamsulosin for many years now and very good it is too. If I just forget it for one day I certainly notice the difference. So far as I am aware, I have no side effects but how do we ever really know with our body's ability to complain to us in one way or another ?

  • Hello George and mycallc,

    Thanks a lot for your input, it's all appreciated,


  • I was prescribed Flowmax the generic version of Tamsulosin for BPH many years ago around 2004. I did not have AF at the time but my heart rate went up over three days. When it reached 136 bpm during the night and I felt that I was vibrating in my bed I called the out of hours service. The young doctor who came looked up his BNF and said to stop the Flomax. Soon after I had GL PVP that sorted my BPH for a few years.

    In 2012 when I had my heart valve replaced my prostate had regrown and I had prostatitis at the time. They said it was OK to go ahead with the operation but had to fit a suprapubic catheter as they could not get the normal type past my prostate.

    After the operation I went into AF for the first time and while still in hospital they prescribed Tamsulosin and Finasteride for my prostate. I protested about the previous effect of the generic version that they dismissed. I took both drugs and this time my heart rate did not go up. When home Finasteride caused breast enlargement and Tamsulosin other side effects and I stopped each of them. In 2013 I had another laser procedure for my BPH.

    Another side effect of Tamsulosin is Floppy Iris Syndrome that can make future cataract surgery a problem. Finally I once asked the surgery nurse which drug she had most complaints about. She said Tamsulosin. I said From men? She said, No from their wives:-) It does have some very nasty side effects.

  • I've been taking Flomax/tamsulosin for years and can't recall any side effects. I looked into saw palmetto and might have taken it, too, but not along with an anticoagulant. I assume you're taking an anticoagulant and are therefore not considering saw palmetto.

    I strongly recommend Graminex, also called cernitin, or cernilton. Here's why:

    Tamsulosin relaxes the muscles of the urethra and neck of the bladder. It does nothing to help with BPH. I'm not satisfied with just letting my prostate grow and dealing with the increaing symptoms. And I refuse to even consider finasteride. So I started taking Graminex, a flower pollen extract, in January 2015. At that time my PSA was 5.1 and I had moderately inconvenient urinary symptoms. After a month or two I stopped taking Flomax because my symptoms had improved quite a bit, but I went back on it get the additional benefit beyond what Graminex provided. A year later, my PSA was down to 4.5 and my urinary symptoms remain minor.

    I did this against my doctor's strong advice to the contrary. Now he says, if it works, take it.

    The various studies on Graminex show inconsistent improvements in both urinary symptoms and PSA. The best way to know if it will help is to try it. It has no known side effects or interactions, so it's safe.


  • Thanks to all of you for your interesting replies. I'll let you know in a month or so how I go on with the Tamsulosin.


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