1st Ablation for Afib

I have had afib for many years now and had a pacemaker placed in 2012. Then in 2015 they added a second lead to my pacemaker. On July 25th 2016 I had an ablation done and a third lead added to my pacemaker on the 26th. Felt pretty good after and went home on the 27th. After 48 hrs I was able to shower and noticed I had a large bruise running from my groin down to my left knee and was having pain in that area. Today is the 8th of August and the bruise is gone nut I am still having some pain in the leg area. Contacted the nurse and se stated that is not unusual as long as there are no lumps in that area, which their are not. On the 10th of Aug I have an appointment with my nurse practioner and will have her double check it. This is my first ablation.

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  • Yes bruises are normal. So long as no lumps don't worry. I always judged the going of the bruise as a good sign that my heart was healing.

  • Yes I checked with my EPs nurse and she told me what you said and there are no lumps. Bruising is gone but still have pain in the are below my groin and I feel tired. They put me on Amiodarone 200Mg for 60 days.

  • I noticed in my original post I said from my groin down to my left knee. Its should have been right knee.


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