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OK, so there is a mass of information out there on the subject of Afib and sport, but I am a newbie and I'd like to hear from people who cycle and run who have paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. Yesterday I went out on my bike for 1 hr and had no problem keeping my heart rate at around 120 bpm. Today I tried cycling for a couple of hours and in the first 50 minutes kept my heart rate below 130bpm. Then whilst cruising along a flat easy road my heart rate jumped to 200+ bpm and I then stayed in Afib for the next 4 hrs (resting pulse was 130+ whilst sitting watching TV). While I was looking on the internet for advice (i.e. did I need to go to my GP/A&E) I found the site and as I write this my pulse is 54 ppm (normal for me). Help!!!

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It is well known that endurance training is a prime cause of AF in younger people. Fighter (fast jet) pilots are similarly at risk of giving it to themselves due no doubt to the extra work their hearts have to do fighting G force. These and alcohol abuse seem to be the only non genetic reasons for AF.

General advice is listen to your body and act accordingly.


The key is a proper mineral balance when exercising as you lose a lot through sweat.


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