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No Symptoms since diagnosis, should I notice anything different?

10 month ago I had a TIA and was admitted into hospital and after numerous investigations was diagnosed wit AF and prescribed Apixaban and Perindopril.

Since then my Energy levels are down. Before the stroke I lost 4 stone in weight and felt fit and healthy.

Since on medication my Energy levels have come right down to what I was when so heavy.

I had pulsating noises in my ear for years and vertigo when putting my head down. Been seen my

GP about this for years but nothing was done, just been told to lose weight.

Since the TIA I don't have Vertigo anymore but the pulsating is constantly, not a very fast beat it sets out a beat sometimes.

I have read about AF episodes, do I have them and not notice and does anyone is the same as me?

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Since nobody else has answered I thought I better try.

From your post it would seem that you had a TIA which they suspected was down to AF? Not uncommon we know. You were obviously not aware that you had AF so are what we call asymptomatic in that you do not notice any symptoms. This is common in people who's AF is constant as their body gets used to it. For those of us with paroxysmal AF where is comes and goes, the onset of events is quite dramatic and unmistakeable so I too am puzzled.

If you read all the information on AF Association website you will get an understanding of the vagaries of this mongrel condition but as a general rule if you learn to take your own pulse you will easily tell when you are in AF as it will be very irregular. We say an irregular irregular pulse as there is no rhythm. just a chaotic jumble of flutters and bumps.

The Apixaban is an anticoagulant to protect you form any further strokes or TIA and should not affect your energy but I suspect the other one will.

Do learn all you can as knowledge is power and will help you to engage with the medics who treat you and with this thing called AF one does need to become your own expert.



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