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Warfarin forever?

Hi everyone! I'm 24 and was diagnosed with AF about a year and half ago. 3 weeks ago I had cryo-balloon ablation which, touch wood, has given me no episodes since! However I've been on warfarin since May and still needing to be on it until at least November, when I see the cardiologist - can anyone tell me if I'll be on it for longer still? Thanks in advance for any advice :)

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At your age, provided that you have no other risk factors it seems unlikely that you will need anticoagulation indefinitely. Many of us prefer to stay anticoagulated but you are very young so things should be different for you. As I say. provided that you have no other risks.


Do you know your CHADsVASC2 score? That will give you an idea of your risk factor of stroke and whether or not anticoagulant will be advised. I stopped taking anticoagulant 3 months after successful ablation and I am 64 but I was told that I would need to reconsider age 65 as my risk would automatically rise.

Apart from my age and female gender I have no other risk factors so it will be a personal decision but as with all personal decisions, it is important to listen to your doctor's advice. I believe they should be judged by risk/benefit and made from a position of knowledge of the varying factors. Medicine is a double edged sword, the risks of taking a drug can sometimes be higher than without.

I agree with Bob, at your age, providing there were no other high risk factors, I personally would not continue to take anticoagulants and I would want to be sure that I there was some periodic ongoing monitoring to ensure that AF hadn't returned without you feeling it. Many others feel differently and find that anticoagulants are a bit like a comfort blanket and prevent them from worrying about stroke risk.


I was told the other day, by the cardio electrophysiologist that you need to be on it, for a while, anyway, so as to ensure you dont go back in AF, its safety reasons I suppose, and if it means no blood clots, then whoop whoop. :)


I've been on warfarin since 2000. They tell me I'll be on it forever. I am in Afib 24/7 and my pacemaker is pacing 24/7. My battery will not last longer than another 1-1/2 years. This is my second pacemaker.


Thanks for your comments everyone. Hoping to get some answers from my gp Monday :)


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