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AF episodes and pain this is new!?

I have Lone AF. Episodes usually last 2 -4 hours. Normal for me is uncomfortable but not painful big palpitations, slightly dizzy at start, have to lie down until it passes. Today for the first time I experienced sharp pain a few minutes before an episode started, and have been getting sharp short pains intermittently throughout episode, its 2 hours into episode now, palpitations are growing weaker but still AF. Does anyone else have pain during. I'm on waiting list for first ablation as now getting episodes 2 - 3 times a week 😞 worried about this development.

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Hi Wendy !

I know that some do experience a degree of pain with AF but I think they are in the minority. I certainly haven't & that's going back 22+ years . In your position I would seek medical advice, either through your GP or NHS Direct without too much delay.

Others may have different advice but it is better to be checked out as this is following a different path for you .

Let us know how you get on



Hi Wendy. I have episodes like you describe each day and I do experience pain sometimes. Usually when I get the pain it is when I am in atrial flutter rather than A fib. I have always got checked out in A and E for pain and am certain your GP would advise you to as well. But do not worry at all. Arrhythmias can certainly cause chest pain. But I think get it checked out for peace of mind. Best wishes:) xx


Hi. Any changes to your normal symptoms especially pain should be checked out in A&E.

I know this is a few hours after your post so I am hoping you are ok.


hi there, yes I'm ok, thank you for your replies. The AF episode stopped after 2 hours.

as usual, but It was a strong one. I am currently at end of a flu like viral infection, went to doctors today for sick note as still feeling weak and fluey, chest ok but said my glands were still up, & phone if not better by Friday, will give me antibiotics.

I wonder if this has something to do with it? Anyway will definitely speak to doctor about it. Have had similar twinges before but never during an AF episode which was what scared me. Was more like a sharp twinge not a crushing or heavy pain in chest.


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