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Wot triggers afib still haven't a clue

Hi all had af for about 2 yrs also got other probs hopefully the abalation I'm havin will help in sep still don't know wot trigger af of with me can be sat relaxed and off it goes reading of 300 bpm gods it's not nice struggling with flecainde and warferin dr at glenfield said there gonna catch it at early stages before I go into af for longer as I get older carnt really tolerate higher doses with drugs with other meds and illnesses let's hope I get tuned up soon then sort out me other probs I'm not looking forward to it but onwards and upwards as they say all the best oaky

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Hi Oaky,

Sounds like you've got a load of things on your plate at the moment. As you say, hopefully once you've had the ablation, you'll be able to focus on the other conditions.

I don't think anyone knows for certain what exactly triggers their AF episodes - for some people it's alcohol (seemingly not for me!), others it's a large meal (that one can do it for me, particularly if it's late). We're all different but need to find the best ways of coping with it.

Good luck and keep smiling!



Triggers are not real for many or us. If you are lucky enough to find one then great but my EP told me that way madness lies and just get on with things as best you can as looking for triggers just concentrates the mind on AF not living your life. Wise man my EP.



Hi BobD,

Seems to me that you have a very good EP. My trigger is exercise, so I go gentle with it.

Hope all goes well for you at Glenfield Oakycoky123.




Hi Bob, I have just seen praise for your good sense in another comment on here. I am due for my second cardioversion this Thursday at Fairfield Hospital. The arrhythmia nurse said he was surprised my cardiologist, Dr Kale, from Oldham/Fairfield(Bury) agreed as usually she puts people whose first CV has failed on the list for ablation. He told me that my CV would probably be successful but would not last, (encouraging eh?), due to the fact that my first one failed. I am in two minds about ablation. I could carry on with the meds but feel like 'a car with the handbrake on'!! On the other hand, I could have an ablation and be fine, I have read loads of posts about people's experiences, some bad, some good, so I am very much in two minds about the future. The guy who will be doing it, should I have it done, is a Mr Fox at Withenshaw, Manchester, he and a Mr Ben Brown seem to do them all around here, wondered if anyone out there knows him? Anyway Bob, thanks for the sensible comments, much appreciated. Fingers crossed for me on Thursday!!


A perfect response, BobD. I just spent about 6 months trying to identify triggers and absolutely obsessing over it. No more for me; I'm going to live my life!


I have absolutely no idea, really, it's madness!! Washing up, sat reading, watching TV, putting on my shoes, everything but nothing seems to trigger it.

My AF lasted all day last weekend and it's made me very anxious, may have to go back to the Docs again now.

Best wishes to you.


hi guys,

Monday evening about 8pm there I am sitting with my feet up just doing nothing when WHAM! off it fully expecting it to abate as usual after a few minutes of deep breathing wrong was I?

I did readings before I decided to just go to bed and well, hope I'd wake up in the morning.....readings were all over the place.

I was in AF all night and was still beating away at 5am when I took the mext mornings meds (inc Flecainide) I was willing this to 'kick in' as by this time I was really beginning to be somewhat scared because my episodes don't usually last so long.

By 8.15am suddenly I felt it subside Phew!

However on re reading the results from the monitor decided I should seek reassurance from the doc so I went in armed with my book where I keep a record of the monitor readings. He wasn't too happy either and I had an ECG there & then in the surgery and am off this morning for blood tests and more or less been told daily checks at the surgery.

Now, I'm due to see my cardiologist a week on Monday and am due to fly to Italy on the 9th Sept. (my xmas pressie from my son & daughter in law- a week in Italy, just me and my camera)

Am a tad worried bout going after this severe episode and have the dreaded feeling he may say not to go.......anyone have any thoughts on this?

So, there's no rhyme or reason as to what triggers this condition and as Bob said before, we are all different. I've no clue as to why these last 2 lengthy episodes have happened to me just a few weeks apart, does this mean the AF is getting 'worse'?

I try so hard not to worry about it all as I know that makes it worse but...I am totally exhausted since this most recent episode and have pain in my chest arm and hands......

Sorry i've warbled on here :-(

a 'blue' Blue x


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