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Ablation question

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As it looks as though I might have an ablation of some sort sooner or later it is more on my mind. I'd like to know if you lie on your back through the whole procedure or are you moved around at all? I'm asking because a large section of my spine is fused and I'm sure I would get uncomfortable even if sedated - on the other hand if I was moved under a GA I could wake up in a lot of pain! That should probably be the least of my worries I suppose but I would still like to know.

2 Replies


For ablation they require you to be able to lay on your back with a pillow, but I was asked if I had any issues with lying on my back and you are offered pillows. However you are right with GA you are not aware but recovery for you may be difficult, when you have your pre- op assessment have a chat with your practitioner they will of course have come across this many times.

Tyr not to worry too much about it there will be an answer.



Have similar problem, informed care team, they made sure I was comfortable, general anesthesia during procedure and lighter anesthesia during cardiac MRI immediately following helped.

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