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Ablation 3 question

Hi guys, unfortunately as expected my AF only went away for a couple of days so I am now going back in next week for a third attempt. If nothing else at least I'm getting my money's worth out of AXA.

This time due to the ridge in my heart as well as going through my groin they are going to go in "from the top" I assume this means neck or chest has anyone else had an ablation or other op this way and what difference did it make to the op or recovery?

I have told them to consent me for anything this time as I want it sorted but understand that's not really an option I also appreciate I am extremely lucky having private care and compared to a lot of people with AF or other medical issues I'm not that bad really but I still want my life back to relative normality without the worry I will collapse or having to explain to my kids why I can't pick them up or run around with them.

Sorry went a bit self pitying there, anyway I will as always write up my experiences next week hopefully with better news and without the dawns chorus from the Zoo.

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Arr Bless you, I also went on to have three ablations but fortunately groin every time!

Like you I no longer have to explain to my kids why I passed out or ended up in Casualty which is truly great ,I'm sure you will be fine if you stay positive, let us know how you get on.

Good luck

Wendi x


Good luck and I do hope yours is as successful as my third. I think they go in through a vein near you collar bone at the base of your neck but never had that done. Had a line in my wrist last time but not sure why as I had one in each groin as well.



Hope the procedure is successful for you this time and please let us know how you get on.



Good luck- hope it goes well


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