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I just spent a few years trying to get the dosage right and proper drugs for my AF on top of HOCUM. By last summer I had lost body hair, libido, energy, stamina, muscle mass, and strength. Last fall I had had enough. I tapered off the Sotolol and cut down the Metoprolol. I still take the blood thinner,warfarin. I have re roofed my house, sheared 42 alpacas, regrown most of the lost body hair, and been able to work 43 hours a week with a 2 hour commute. I have less episodes of afib than when on the sotolol. I usually just stop what ever it was that triggered it and sit down for a while till it passes. The internist thought I had Apnea but it only showed up when they put all those uncomfortable monitors on me. I got rid of pillows and sleep on my side. Another benefit of less drugs is loss of 4 inches around waist and 5 lbs went away.

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Hi johnthompson

Good news. Brilliant. I admire your positive attitude and determination. It makes me happy to hear stories like this. Very Best Wishes. Susan N.


Well done. It shows that with AF, the drugs are often worse than the original condition.

I was on sotalol for a number of years. It reduced my exercise capacity and libido. It wasn't until I came off it that I realised what a bad impact it was having. My speed on my bike shot up as did other things...

Drugs for AF (excluding anti-coags of course) should do one of two things:

- stop the AF or

- reduce your heart rate in an episode to less than around 120 bpm (but only if it's more than 120 in the first place)

If they don't then they're pointless! You may well be better off without.

There is a tendency for doctors to hand out pills , tick the box and file your case away as job done.


Sotalol has been removed from the list of drugs for AF in UK.

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I have had two goes on sotalol. The first time it put me back in hospital with suspected secondaryTIA which was later diagnosed as a very severe migraine. My face ears hands and feet went numb and my vision was affected. I was switched to bisoporol but AF increased so put me back on sotalol. A couple of days in and it all started again not as bad but not comfortable. I am now on Flecainide and get a little breathless but my AF has decreased. I might give it all up and go back to beer! Sotalol is described as a nasty drug and I would concur from experience.


Good news John. I have 600 sheep need shearing soon, are you available? :-)



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