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Well, I've got an appointment with my two months time! My GP says I will need to arrange to see an EP through my cardiologist, so a long wait ahead. I'm getting AF more or less daily now, had 2 free days this week. The episodes are so debillitating and I'm left feeling like I've been kicked in the chest and absolutely worn out. They seem to start early morning, in bed, around 4.30 sometimes 6ish, lasting for 2-3 hours. At this rate, I wont be able to go out anywhere...does this happen to all you other sufferers here?

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The symptoms you mention happens to many people along with other varied symptoms too we are all so different. I certainly would not wait while the medical system works its way through as you say you could be waiting a long time which is not acceptable. Meanwhile you continue to feel poorly and unable to go out potentially.

After the Easter break I would see my GP and ask to be referred directly to an EP, if you can afford to pay for a consultation to speed things up I would do. You can't go on like this you owe it to yourself to get answers and a treatment plan asap.

Be assertive its your heart health after all. Not easy I know but needs must.

Take care


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Thanks, Dee. Unfortunately, my financesddon't allow for private consultation, and my GP appointment is not til the 21st April!! Just can't get one earlier unless I see a different doctor who doesn't know my medical history. So I have to endure this in the meantime.


I suggest when it is happening call an ambulance and see if they take you to a and e dont wait you shouldnt have too not with a heart problem. I have been in a and e four times twice by ambulance twice independently kept in over night. The last time I was in August 2014 it was a resus job and was told off by a and e staff for coming in a car not calling an ambulance also not to wait too long. Their advice is that people who get drunk call an ambulance inferring a misuse of the services not the likes if us.Hope this helps


Christine...I've been to A & E more times than I can count! The last time was a few weeks ago. I really don't want to keep going in overnight as I get no sleep & I come home exhausted. That can't do me much good. I'm going to see another doctor after Easter. Thank you for

your cconcern


Hi margar17,

In Coventry the "appointment letter" has a telephone number for bookings. Once you have received the appointment and have a reference number then why not do what we do in Coventry and phone each day and enquire about any cancellations. My appointment was for March 2015 but I managed to get a cancellation and was seen in January. I am now waiting to see an EP and as soon as I receive the letter I again will phone bookings for any cancellations.

Good luck. I do hope you get an earlier appointment and I also hope that you feel better soon.



You could try looking up the heart consultants in your hospital online, go through them to see if there is an EP among them and ring that EPs secretary directly to ask how you get to see him.

Unfortunately you need to be a bit pushy so do your best.

Also, seeing a different gp could even work in your favour. Impress upon them how AF is ruining your quality of life at the moment as you're not up to doing much and you want an EP referral . Again, try to be as assertive as you can. (I know that's easier said than done)

Do your homework before you go by researching the hospital's website so you know who it is you want to see. I notice you've posted about magnesium previously so are you taking it now? If so how much and when are you taking it ?


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No, I'm not taking magnesium yet. I'm not sure what strength to start with. They've got them in Asda pharmacy...30 395mg tablets. But I want more info before I spend on them.

I can be pushy! No problem there. I will research my hospital online. Thanks for the idea.


Great advice from Pat - it is not acceptable to have poor quality of life and an endless wait. Best wishes


I got a private referral to my EP direct from my GP. But I think the GPs think that EPs are something other than what they are. So I actually just asked for a referral to a cardio who specialises in heart rhythm, and that is my EP.

To put it another way, I didn't use the word EP.



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