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Hi all, quick question about heart rate, I was stented last year (had two actually) and was put on a collection of tablets including bisoprolol to slow my heart rate, that is now down to a 1.25mg tablet daily. Like most of you I guess, I monitor my BP and HR twice a day (morning and evening) and in the morning I've noticed my HR is quite low now, this morning it was 44, is that too low should I discuss with a GP or cardiologist?

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  • 44 is low Durin I would speak to your medic about it. They will be able to amend your meds if necessary.


  • Thanks Dee, I was beginning to wonder - it has been getting lower over the last few months, but 44 today did take me by surprise

  • I am on 1.25mg of bisoprolol too and I sometimes go down to 44 in the morning. My average is around 50.

    The low pulse rates began just after I started taking bisoprolol and I informed my GP. I was told not to worry unless I was feeling faint or giddy and I have not had any problems (that I am aware of).

    However, I recommend that you should check with your GP.

  • Thanks Craggy - reassuring to hear, but I will follow up.

  • Mine averages between 42 and 52 on a good day.

  • Thanks Bridget54

  • Definitely too slow unless you are built like a super athlete and run 5 miles every day.

    Anything under 50 is a concern. I recently went in to hospital for gall bladder and they had me on an inhalant pain med that dropped my already low heart rate down below 50 and alarms were sounding constantly as that's considered danger zone for your heart.

  • Thanks Dave, I already plan to discuss it now with my doctor as soon as possible - cheers.

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