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Health Product Certification

For those of you who can access this website, take a look at Marketplace – a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program that investigates many subjects. Unfortunately, not everyone in every country can access this website. The relevant episode is called “Drugstore Remedies: License to Deceive”. This particular episode shows that anyone can get a certification number (NPN Number) for some health products from Health Canada because Health Canada does not verify the ingredients or effectiveness of some “so-called” health products. Marketplace got an NPN number for the product they called Nighton – a fictitious fever and pain remedy that does absolutely nothing. You will note Nighton includes all the letters of the word nothing. The Minister for Health in Canada would not give the journalists an interview to comment on what they found. Sad really that Canadians cannot get answers from our current federal government and this is more the norm than the exception; and, even sadder, is this government is trying to clip the wings of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation which is funded by the government. (Really the Canadian people) And this is our Canada today. Control the media and we know where this goes.


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Interesting. Altho not really for this forum , I have to say I'm not surprised. I've had some very strange 'brand' names in the past, which don't seem to be what they say, particularly Warfarin. Which did nothing. I'm sure lots of fake meds get thru to the chain, but in this case legitimately. Appalling. Thanx for the link Engmac. I'm going to read further.



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