Dental Hygienist re Dabigatran/ Pradaxa

I had a 30 minute appointment with the Dental Hygienist to-day. He knew from the Dentist's records that I have been taking Pradaxa for 7 months.

After the treatment I asked him if Pradaxa was a problem to him. He said that as far as my treatment was concerned there had been very little bleeding so it was not a problem. He went on to say that he had treated a number of patients who were taking it and he had encountered no difficulties so far.

3 Replies

  • I have intensive dental hygiene treatment every 3 months and have never had any problem whatsoever being on Rivaoxaban so that is good news for both these NOAC's.

  • I have the same three monthly hygienist session and am on warfarin with little problems.

  • I also take Rivaoxaban and have had a few different dental procedures with no problem.

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