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heart in throat

been told I got svt after having ablation for paf last yr , I feel like my heart is growing and trying to push its way up my throat giving me a choking feeling , I have been told to try increasing my flec from 50mg x2 aday to 75mg twice a day , but nurse said it still might not relieve my symptoms , iam also taking bisoprolol 2.5 mg in morning and 1.25 in evening , I have had one 2min run of fast heart rate , then a funny feeling like my heart got stuck made me feel giddy and awful then went back to normal after a few mins , been told it looked like a big etopic or long one ? anyone else have this any advice would be realy grateful thankyou been put on waiting list for another ablation to hopefuly treat svt or what ever else they might find all very scary as iam a great worrier x

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Just read your post and thought yes I can identify with that sensation...For months prior to my Ablation last August whenever I lent forward to pick something off the floor,put washing in machine,tie laces etc it would feel as if my heart was enlarged and was about to slip out through my throat,bizarre I know...This sensation must have continued for about three months post Ablation...I can remember thinking is this how its going to be for the rest of my life but you know I had forgotten about it until I read your post...

Which incidentally was the first time I have read of anyone else having this sensation...

It wont last for ever be assured of that I cant advise on meds as I could not tolerate them but hopefully your next Ablation will be successful.




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