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Low heart rate after ablation

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Good morning everyone. Maybe i can have some advice ! I have had my ablation one day ago for SVT . Today my heart rate is very low 57 . And i feel very dizzy and lightheaded . Anyone else had same experience? It is normal to feel it? Many thanks


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My heart rate was low( for me) in the days following my recent ablation. It was late 50s to early 60s. Normally after an ablation my rate is elevated ......would in normal times be in 70s. I was taking it easy though so no adverse effects. Now, 5+ weeks later it is more varied and can be as high as 90s. Still early days so stay well hydrated, keep resting and if still concerned then do speak to arrhythmia nurse.

Best wishes


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Janna24 in reply to Jalia

Thank you so much for advice! Its really make me feel better, knowing i am not alone !!!

Good Morning Janna

Let me assure you 57 beats per minute is not a very low heart rate. If it were below 40 yes that would be low and at under 30 you'd need to dial for help.

My usual heart rate is 62 and under normal conditions would sometimes be lower, but mostly higher. Do you know what your blood pressure is as if that's low it could be making you feel as you've described? There again, as Jalia has advised, drinking water should help that too.

You may just be feeling the effects from the ablation procedure. It can take weeks to feel normal again. For now just get plenty of rest, do very little for a week and then very gradually build up. Expect to get periods of extreme tiredness.

Please feel free to ask any questions, I've experienced ablations.


Thank you Jean for you kind advice!!!!!definitely i feel more positive now! Was very scared , because before ablation my resting heart rate was 75-80. Now its bot new fore me , lower heart rate! But i guess , heart is healing now , making new patterns. My blood pressure is normal 110/ 75. Maybe is stress also make me lightheaded ! Hope it settle down soon!

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CDreamer in reply to Janna24

Your body won’t be used to the lower HR so allow time and lot of rest. I think recovery is as anxiety provoking as anticipation! If you had a GA that will take weeks to clear your system and even sedation meds take time to clear.

Be kind to yourself and patience really helps but if there is anything that concerns you don’t hesitate to ring the number you were given on discharge to talk to one of the medical staff.

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Janna24 in reply to CDreamer

You are right , anxiety , and i had GA also, its not so easy for you body. Now my blood pressure drop also. So unpleasant. Thank you for advice !

I have had a number of ablations.

My heart rate is now always below 50 at resting and even lower in the morning when I wake.

I do get nausea but your resting heart rate of 57bpm is not exceptionally low.

If your light headedness continues you may wish to just get checked out by your doctor just to make sure all is well.

It is very early days after your ablation and you really need to rest for a couple of weeks. Things will almost certainly settle down.


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Janna24 in reply to pottypete1

I hope so , i think i need be more patient . Thank you for you kind advice

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Hi there, you may find the attached booklet helpful - its available to download from heartrhythmalliance.org/aa/.... Take care and hope you are soon on the road to recovery.

Catheter Ablation for SVT
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Janna24 in reply to TracyAdmin

Thanks a lot. Great help!

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Espeegee in reply to TracyAdmin

That link didn't work for me. Said not found.

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TracyAdminAdministrator in reply to Espeegee

I am sorry to hear that, please follow the link heartrhythmalliance.org/aa/... it is under the subheading 'For Patients' \ Patient Resources \ Booklets.

Not low. Mine's 41-47 most mornings.

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Janna24 in reply to TheProf

Woow, my lowest one was 56

Try not to worry, I haven't had any treatment and my heart is now mostly in the 50s and drops to below quite often. I'm still ticking over nicely and prefer low to tachycardia.

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Janna24 in reply to Espeegee

Definitely low is better than tachycardia . I see it now. Thanks

Hi JannaI had a pacemaker inserted 6 months ago and it’s set on the low side at 50. My heart rate varies from 57-70. So u shld be ok. Are you taking meds? Maybe your dosage could need lowering.

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Janna24 in reply to Sally_Scott

Hi Sally .i am on bisoprolol 1.25 only. Not big dose . I think i may skip one today. See how it goes. Because after i took bisoprolol yesterday , my blood pressure was 78/48!!! I feel very dizzy

Hi Cardiologists give a 3 month blanking period for everything to settle down again. Your heart has suffered some trauma & will naturally feel & behave a bit differently for a while. My svt completely disappeared but I was left with a heart rate which dropped into the high 20bpm at night & high 30bpm during the day wich was very worrying, so 6 months later I had a Pacemaker fitted . 2 years on I now live & lead a normal life again. No more visits to A & E to have Adenosine conversion just routine checks now. Be patient let your heart recover but of course seek help if you feel you need to from your GP or cardiologist. Best wishes on your journey to recovery.

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Janna24 in reply to Stumpy47

Hi, thank you for sharing you story ! Very pleased you doing very well now! I hope my heart will settle very soon too !!!already feel bit better today! Thank you for well wishes!

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Jalia in reply to Stumpy47

Wow...heart rate in 20s!!! Glad you've been sorted now ! A friend of mine was ticking away with heart rate in 30s and thought it was because he was so fit with gym work etc. Long story short, he was fitted with pacemaker and now ok.

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Stumpy47 in reply to Jalia

Thank you Jalia. They were certainly scary times , wanting to sleep but wondering if you will wake in the morning. The pacemaker dissolved those feelings the day it was implanted, so to anyone scared of their procedure " It hopefully will be a life changer for the better"

Like many on here you will find it hard to believe that you are getting better, it will take weeks, even months before you will really start to believe it. You do need to look after yourself during this stage as your heart is probably more susceptible to outside influences. Eat well, (bananas and avocados are good) drink plenty of water (around 1.5 ltd a day) rather than anything else, sleep well and do not ever over exert or stress. Not all easy to do but the better you keep over the next 3 months, the better chance of a really good recovery. During this period you will develop a better appreciation of your body, listen to it and act accordingly, try and pick up on the small signs that give warnings signals to something no just right. You will have periods of concern and you will worry, no one can say anything to prevent this, knowing what is symptom of recovery and what requires medical assistance may be difficult but always err on the safe side, I sought medical help when anything strange lasted more than 30 mins (some say 24 hrs but that was too long for me).

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Janna24 in reply to Shcldavies

Thank you so much for you useful advices . Its really important to hear good , positive advice. And you are right, its hard to believe its getting better !!! Its much easier to live with lower heart beat !!!

Might be worth calling the ward or arrythmia nurses just for reassurance, mine are lovely. Hope you feel well soon xx

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Janna24 in reply to Jajarunner

Good morning, i did call her , she think is ok what's going on with me. Nothing worrying . Its normal after ablation . I just hope so!! Thank you for well wishes !!!

Had my second ablation 5 weeks ago and it has had no impact on my heart rate. It sits at 46 and on occasion goes down to 42. I get dizzy when it misses a few beats, exercise takes it up to above 70 and straight into AF. It really is a mixed bag of conditions that everyone has, not many people have the exact same conditions, it really is a complicated illness.

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Janna24 in reply to Jock68

It is so true, its mixed condition , not straight forward ! And you is bit low at 42 !!! My lowest was 57 !!! And i feel dizzy !!

My resting rate is about 58. It goes to low 50’s sometimes when sleeping. I do t think it’s something to worry about but I’d check with your doc. After my flutter ablation my rate was in the 48-52 range for about a week then normalized.

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Janna24 in reply to Boxertwin

Today my resting rate better , around 70 , and i feel already better! Hopefully its stays this way!

My average resting rate dropped in the first couple of weeks following ablation, then shot up into the 80s and 90s, which is also normal, so don't panic if that happens too. Good luck with your recovery.😊.

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Janna24 in reply to Ducky2003

Thanks a lot . Its my 3th day of recovery. I try to keep calm now. Try to give myself time to recover !!!

Had my first ablation in Jan 2021. Had a few AFIB episodes after but dr assured me that is fairly norma. I’ve just recently felt normal again. Sometimes if I go to low, I’ll eat a handful of salted nuts which helps and I drink LOTS of water which seems to help the AFIB feelings... I def know if I forget to hydrate😔. Hope you’re feeling better!

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Janna24 in reply to Shorty55

Thank you so much, i do feel better today, my heart rate bit up. I feel stronger. I am glad ablation worked well for you. Hope it will work well for me also !!

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