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Can't open messages or see responses to my posts?

As title really. I am logged into the AF group on Health Unlocked but for some reason I cannot open any messages or see any responses to my post. So if anyone has either sent me a message or is wondering why I haven't commented on a response (if a reply/comment was indicated) then apologies.

I also see there is a question, below where I am composing this post, which asks me 'Is this a post or a question?' But then only gives the option of selecting 'Post'.

Does anyone know what need to do? These are only recent problems!

Many thanks.

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Must admit I've never had that, though notifications sometimes foul up for me and I can't click on a notification to take me to the post - I have to find the post manually.


Sometimes I have had a problem so I google and click on forum. Dont know

if this will help you, sorry.


Hope you get this !!! I had that problem and contacted admin , cant remember what I has to do but they sorted it

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Thanks all, it seems to have sorted itself!


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