Af resolution !

Diagnosed 18 months ago I've gone from a very healthy fit woman and since then my life has been dull and spend days wasted worrying about stroke but I've woken up and decided 2015 will change this I've rejoined the gym and am determined to lose the 10lb I've gained I'm going to choose what I do and not let this affliction determine my everyday living anymore !!

Happy and af free new year

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  • Well done you. AF may be in your life but it should not be all of your life. Stop worrying about stroke and make sure you are properly anti-coagulated then you can relax.


  • Not on blood thinner EP said don't need as only 50 and score 0 !! Have tried through Dr but won't either . 51 on 1st so just decided live live live !!!!

  • What a great attitude and resolve for 2015. I am very similar to you in my worry re.stroke. this forum has exacerbated my worry about stroke a lot due to some strong views but i have resolved to discuss all my concerns with my EP openly and trust in my treatment plan so that the fear of stroke does not take over. If i were on warfarin, i would equally worry about the risks it can bring. There is no golden answer...just to maximise our health and love/live life:) Enjoy the gym. Happy new year!

  • :) thank you

  • What about low dose aspirin ? if you can take it and it would give you some cover but again speak to your dr as they need to guide you along the way....

  • Thanks I am on low dose of aspirin just not going to waste anymore of my time worrying about it !!

  • Good for you!! I feel the same and isn't it fortunate that we have the opportunity, once a year, to resolve to do the things that are designed to make us feel better about ourselves and our situations? I was diagnosed with AF exactly 7 years ago (Christmas 2007, during a bout of initially undiagnosed pneumonia and empyema). After 4 failed cardioversions and goodness only knows how many changes of medication, I had a pacemaker put it place last March and activated when I had an AV ablation in October and am now in NSR. My advantage I guess has been that, as an older person (I will be 76 tomorrow) they did not worry about the cost effectiveness of the pacemaker as they half expect the PM to outlive its host! I have every intention of proving them wrong, particularly as I feel so much more energetic now and more like my old and very active self.

    Good luck with your resolutions!

    Happy New Year everyone!!


  • Jos

    I'm glad you feel so positive; I thought you were much younger from the tone of your posts so it's obviously working!

    All the best for 2015


  • Wow! Jos you are an inspiration to us all. happy new year xo

  • Hi Jo I am new to this forum so it's good to hear some positive results on others with my condition.

    I am going for a pacemaker and then ablation too pacemaker being fitted on the 8th Jan so looking forward to feeling good .

    I have had af for approx 20 years what a waste of a good life it has been.

    Do hope I have a positive result like you. your post has really given me hope . Thank you

  • Hi

    I just got a pacemaker last week and the difference is unbelieveable!! You will be pleasantly suprised im sure!! Dont worry its a short procedure and the little discomfort soon passes mine has gone already and i still have the stitches in till Friday!


  • Hi

    I'm in a very similar position in terms of age and length of diagnosis; although have been very symptomatic with fast AF episodes lasting from hours to days and had A&E and in patient admissions in the last year. I have all be stopped my hill walking (3 years ago I walked 3 active volcanos in Sicily as a holiday). I decided to go to the gym to resume my fitness in the summer and had a dreadful episode (the nearest I have been to syncope/passing out) and heart dropped like a stone to 25 after I stopped. I had thought it would be a safer environment to start, so all I would urge is build up slowly and listen to your body. I'm going to build my fitness in the new year and have bought a pedometer as a start to the 10,000 steps a day and when I've got a base see where I can take it.

    I wish you every success.


  • Well done. I am convinced that a positive attitude of mind really helps. Don't worry about trying to lose too much weight in the winter. From my experience it is much easier to do this in the warmer weather. However, it helps to develop a definite strategy concerning what you eat (and drink!).

    Take control of the things you can influence and don't lose sleep about the things you can't.

    Good luck.

  • What a positive post great way to start new year I wish you every success Happy new Year.

  • Really sorry folks I feel anything but bright and cheerful, initially after my

    ablation once I had got over the GA etc I was on top of the world back to

    my old self and then slowly but surely the rapid heartbeat began and it

    eventually got back into af. Not every day but the rapid beat is and the

    overwhelming tiredness, Its a real struggle and try as I might the energy

    is just not there. I went an hours stroll with the dog ( luckily hes a little

    old boy do just my pace) then sat down 30 mins or so tried to get a few

    jobs done but Im shattered. Im 10 weeks post ablation next Monday and

    see EP Tuesday luckily I keep thinking maybe its my age 77 any advice.?


    PS, A Very Happy New Year to all

  • Shirlygirly - don't let age EVER hold you back from doing ANYthing! We are roughly the same age and I have always been a "doer" and I don't plan to stop now. I have been very fortunate with my ablation thus far (it has been almost 3 months). I understand that I am still fibrillating but this wonderful pacemaker keeps me blissfully unaware! And I don't even have a true picture of my energy levels yet because before I even had the ablation I developed an ulcer on my right ankle at the bottom of a long scar left from having metalwork removed 5 years ago. The pain is often so intense that it disables me both physically and mentally and many is the night when I have been unable to sleep. The only thing that has any effect on blurring the edges is a heavy dose of morphine based medication and I worry that if I take too much of that I will become dependent upon it. Fortunately, I am at last under the care of a vascular surgeon who might just have the answer. When that happens, oh boy! just watch this baby GO!!!


  • Shirley, I have just arrived back from our local hospital having had a 7 day loop monitor fitted. At nearly 5 months post-ablation I am keen for them to see exactly what my heart is doing. I had 8 weeks without a blip then 5 episodes. For the past 6 weeks I have been fine, having gone back on to 2,5 Bisoprolol.

    A monitor might be a good idea for you too. Insist on a 7 day one.

    Very best wishes.

  • I have a sneaking suspicion you have a trigger somewhere Jenny...? Sounds like what i was like? weeks, and then change of lifestyle and bang!!! episodes galore.?

    Ive just had a pacemaker fitted last thursday feel brand new, still expect af but all them horrible side effects have gone, the aching jaw the dishwater in the tummy etc etc..

  • Thanks Jennydog I did have the 7 day one prior to my ablation but I guess

    I will have to wait and see what EP comes up with. Like you I just want to

    be back to my old self, Sorry for the moan. Thing is I have a friend who

    is just in the final stages of cancer, I have to ring her in the next hour or so

    to try and make small talk, should put my problems in prospective but

    its making me quite depressed.

    Thanks for help Shirley.

  • That's the attitude! You can do this. Do not listen to those who say you can't improve your AF by lifestyle changes! Wishing you an AF free, healthy year!!

  • Thank you another positive post I really need that tonight my first grandchild was due on Christmas day still not arrived and I need to be well in 2015 Happy and healthy new year to everyone.

  • Wishing you all the best and I hope the baby makes an appearance very soon! Enjoy and be well. Grandchildren are a marvelous motivating force. :-)

  • Thank you.

  • :) I was too due Xmas day but arrived 1st Jan 1964 !

    Happy healthy new year

  • Happy birthday

  • Your grandchild is very wise, souljacs. A birthday a couple of days after Christmas is not the best.

  • It must be hard for a little one having a Christmas birthday

  • Big ones too! But it is much easier now to find a restaurant that's open. It used to be almost impossible.

    Happy New Year!

  • lots of hugs and good wishes your way xoxoxoxo

  • Brilliant, the attitude helps tremendously!

  • Yes, I know that dull life feeling, burdened with worries. but that was 2013. One of my New Year resolutions is to spend less time thinking about AF - which means not looking at this forum, my friends, until 6pm at the earliest, although I may sneak a peek in wakeful moments during the night. And when things fall apart and I need the encouragement that has been such a tonic at glum times when I've been despondent and unable to see a good way forward.

  • Well, I am happy to have found the forum. My heart goes out ... no wait!

    Happy New Year!

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