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Left handed replies!

The replies were, 12 lefties and 10 righties.

55% left handed, very high considering only 11% of the population are lefties.

My daughter who is a Doctor of Neurology said it is unscientific and proves nothing.

I find it interesting but will promise to drop the subject as it can only have a very tenuous connection to AF.

Merry Christmas and ta for the AF support.

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Interesting but as your daughter says proves nothing. AF is spontaneous chaotic electrical impulses within the heart which is part of the autonomic nervous system with input on occasions from the vagus nerve. Right or left handidness (if there is such a word) is function of left /right brain wiring and in some cases teaching although not as much as it used to be when left handed children were considered mentally abnormal and forced to use their right hands. Both my sons are lefties but neither my wife nor I are although I use both hand for lots of things as an engineer.


Thanks for posting the results of your informal poll! I would be very curious to know if there is any current research being conducted by the medical community on this. Best wishes and a Happy Christmas to you! - KeL


I would think the lefties tended to answer the poll, so I reckon the figure don't mean much. But maybe they do, who knows. Certainly I know that generally speaking, people of middle age and older, if they were born in late-Feb through to very early April, then they tend to be better at finance and/or business (that's in the UK), for genetic reasons.



fish and goats then. Goat myself. Not a ram


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