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Bardycardia and Cardioversion?

I was diagnosed with Bradycardia in 2008 with a heart rate generally in the low 40's. I presented further complications of breathlessness, dizziness etc during 2011/12/13. No recommendations for addressing the Bradycardia were made, however I was advised to increase exercise as it was felt this would be of irregularity, but the Cardiac Team decided that the heart had flipped into atrial fibrillation. At the same time I was still mainly Bradycardia with beats down into the 30's. I was put on Warfarin and the Cardiac Team's decision was to carry out a Cardioversion because in their judgement there was a level of AF occurring. The outcome of that Cardioversion, which was only supported by Warfarin and no other medication was not successful and resulted in my emergency hospitalisation with heart rates well in excess of 200.

I am not sure that I have received the best treatment as my condition has deteriorated significantly and I am now remaining very unwell and am having difficulty in maintaining a heartbeat under 100.assistance and is the only recommendation given to me. In early 2014 my GP noted various flutters and took an ECG and referred me back to the Cardiac Team. That ECG only showed a very low level of

I was wondering whether any one has experience of how their Bradycardia was treated and whether they had a Cardioversion and they had had a successful outcome?


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