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Dobutamine stress echo

Good morning everyone! This is my first post, although l do read the postings every day and very much appreciate all your knowledge and input. I feel l have learnt so much more about af from all your contributions. I have PAF, diagnosed about two years ago which is fairly well controlled with Bisoprolol 7.5mg, Ramipril and Apixaban. Had all the usual tests on diagnosis which were normal. Saw cardiologist this week and he wants me to have a dobutamine stress echo as l mentioned some heaviness in my chest and shortness of breath when l start exercising. I do feel that this may be due to the hefty dose of Bisoprolol as l can push through it if l continue to exercise. I am really worried about having this test done as it may kick me into afib which l desperately want to avoid and l also have to stop taking bisoprolol 48 hours prior to the test which concerns me. Can anyone help me on this one? Sorry for the long post!

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I had a similar test not long ago. I was also concerned both about stopping Bisoprolol as well as going into afib during the test.

The cardio said I could take just a half dose of Bisoprolol the day before and nothing on the morning of the test.

The test went fine and there was no reason for me to have worried. It was a strange feeling when you heart starts to beat faster but I was very glad I had it done.

Just keep positive about it and think of the benefits of the knowledge the test will provide.


Thank you, that's very reassuring.


Hi Jayd - this must be more common than I had realised. I am waiting for one of these scans after seeing a cardiologist in our local Rapid Response Chest Pain clinic. I will be on some kind of exercise machine though.

At the moment we don't know if the pain and discomfort that I am feeling is heart or gut related (I'm waiting for an endoscopy too). I was also told to stop my Flecanaide straight away as, if it is angina etc then Flecanaide would worsen it. Blimey, the plot thickens!

How do I feel about that? Well, I am off to Lindos in Rhodes this afternoon! :-D


Thanks Froggy for your reply. I was told the same thing about Flecainide too, it's all so flippin complicated isn't it?! Have a brilliant holiday in beautiful Lindos- v jealous!


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