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Pregnant or not?


My period is always due on the 18th of every month, this month it came on the 10th. It was very light but still blood. Not NEARLY as heavy as it usually is. I still had the period cramps. The second day, towards the end it almost completely stopped. Me and my boyfriend had sex on the 3rd day and it came back on the 4th, then stopped again. And I had very like pink to brown in the morning of the 5th day and that was the last of it. I have no idea whats going on. Please help!!!

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***very light the 5th day. I wore a pad the first two days but thats all I needed it for. The rest was so light nothing came out unless I wiped


Hi, I'm sorry to hear you are worried about being pregnant. Learning about sex and sexual relationships is a tough time for everyone. Its never easy. However, you posted your question in a group for people with heart problems. Although we sympathise, you might be better off looking elsewhere for advice.

I recommend the Brook Advisory Service for young people -

Im certain they'll be better placed to help.

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Hi there - Oh how I remember those days worrying whether I was pregnant or not. I had something similar to you when I was in my twenties and it turned out to be an erosion on the neck of my womb and was easily cleared up with antibiotics.

You really need to see someone medical who can advise you. I would suggest that you either:

Make an appointment to see a nurse at your surgery.

Pay a visit to your local family planning clinic. If you search online for family planning and the name of the town where you live you will find out where it is and their opening hours. Some are open evenings too.

Please do not feel embarrassed about going to either of these places as this is the type of thing they deal with all the time.

Stop worrying and get yourself to one of these places as soon as you can.

Big hug.


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Hi, I don't know how old you are but I'm assuming you don't want or are not able to speak to your Mum. Do not worry about telling one of the above people or a school nurse as they are bound to keep your confidence. In the meantime, do not panic! If you are quite young all sorts of things including worrying about getting pregnant! can mess up your cycle. <3


Hi Kells, Well, you may have stumbled onto the wrong site for your question but you've still gotten excellent advice. And it just so happens that gynecology is my specialty and I spend all day answering questions and taking care of young (and older) women with such concerns. It really isn't unusual for a cycle to sometimes be off by a few days. As already mentioned, all sorts of things can throw it off because your period actually starts from signals in your brain. So anything from worry to a fever to a change in altitude can mess it up. And if it the change from pink to brown that is concerning you, the brown just means that the bleeding was so light, and it took a while from the time that it passed through your cervix before you actually saw it and it oxidized and turned brown. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong. The scenario where having sex with your boyfriend makes the bleeding start again is not unusual at all either. That said, I am worried that you are not protecting yourself from pregnancy or from sexually transmitted infections. Please, please visit a family planning center, or your family dr, or a gynecologist to help sort this out for you. It doesn't sound to me as if you are pregnant, or that anything is wrong, but you should certainly take a home pregnancy test and make it a priority to get some birth control. Take good care of yourself!


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