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Finally being referred but how long - Choose and Book is not that straightforward

After going back several more times to my GP and having my Bisoporol lowered 2.5 then back to 5mg I have been referred a week ago (nearly a year after first being diagnosed by my GP) - you can't phone Choose & Book for 4 working days and then when you are allowed to and because I wanted Salisbury DH I had to phone their Choose & Book to be told it could take up to 8 weeks before I get an appointment. Anyone else had to wait that long for Salisbury?

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The wait to see my EP is usually about 2 months on the NHS.

I'm in North London/Herts, so not in your area but they're all probably much the same.

Have you asked for a particular consultant? If so, you could try ringing his secretary to see if they can fit you in sooner.


Have a look on


Thanks - It seems then that 8 weeks is the norm then - just so frustrating having to wait to see if your GP has done OK so far and just fed up with feeling so exhausted.


Yeah mine was around 8 weeks and that was from my AF hospital bed consultant to consultant. I know how you feel dear I'm feeling so much better since my ablation...and that's only 4 days ago...bloody marvelous!

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