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How long for an ablation to settle

I am certain this has been asked many times before....but i would be interested to get an idea of the average time from people on this site.

I have read it takes a full 3 months for the heart to settle but also read in the hand out from the hospital "...these feelings normally settle within a week or two"

I am now three weeks after a pvi ablation. thought everything was begining to settle untill a 5 hour bout of af and regular fast pulse last night.

Hospital confirmed this morning quite normal part of healing process.

I'd rather be realistic than think it hasn't worked.

Any experiences from other recent "ablaters" would be appreciated.

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I had an ablation mid March and have had three mild sessions of AF since. Last one was the end of May. Have been fine since and have reduced my medication which is very pleasing.


Dave they never tell you the truth! It does take at least up to three months for the scar tissue which blocks the electrical activity to form so you are still early doors as they say. My last one took longer to finally settle down but that was six years ago.



Had an ablation 13 months ago and I don't think that enough info is given particularly by the hospitals not to expect to much to soon.The first 3 months I had quite a lot of AF bouts although never as bad as pre ablation. The next 3 months probably one a month and the next 3 months just the occasional minor wobbly.That was 9 months in total .Now I only have the occasional run of tachycardia that lasts a few minutes.I must specify that is just my experience and might not apply to everybody.Hope this helps.


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