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PAF or not?

I was told over five years ago that I had P.A.F after lot's of test's. 4 months ago i was taken of all meds to see what my heart would do as regards to my AF. Today my cardiologist told me that as i have not had any bad attacks he think's i may not actually have AF. as all ecg's have shown nsr I am waiting to have a two week event monitor fitted (waiting time five weeks) so will see then what happens, I am now wondering why I was on meds for five years? as this may be a mis diagnoses

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What happened to you 5 years ago to be diagnosed with PAF?

You say you haven't had any bad attacks, have you had any AF during the 5 years?

and...What symptoms do you have?

All in all it sounds like really good news to me.

What drugs have you been on all that time?

I thought the downside of taking arrhythmia drugs were that they could actually also cause arrhythmia.

I too have PAF but not on any drugs.


Hello yes have had black outs and bad headaches saw a neroligist who done an ECG which showed several things wrong, ended up in hospital after blacking out again after tests was told i had PAF was put on dronedaron bisoprol aspirin blacked out twice more after being on meds also had breathlessness palpitations dizzy spells, when i go to a&e as instructed nothing shows up, so very confused now


Had any other tests, an echo or MRI for instance? Stress ECGs or even a 24hr blood pressure monitor?

The event monitor is a good idea for you and should either show up something or put your mind at rest hopefully.

The blacking out is the worrying part I would think, which shows you definitely had something going on.

With me, A&E visits and 24 hr holter monitors picked nothing up for years, >10. That's quite common unfortunately.

kazzyr, I've just browsed through your other postings and realise that you experience a racing heart, dizziness and extreme tiredness on occasions which is a reason for you to push for further tests and diagnosis. Unfortunately sometimes you have to push for these things and don't just take what the doctors tell you, it's your life not theirs. It is difficult and uncomfortable to do when sitting in front of a consultant but don't feel intimidated.

Also, some of us tend to play down our symptoms once they have become 'normal' to us and

when your cardiologists tells you you haven't had a serious attack he probably means a sustained attack which is still happening when you present at A & E, that doesn't mean they are not happening.

Whatever you do, don't come away without a diagnosis and don't be fobbed off. If you have T wave abnormalities they need to tell you why and what the implications are.

Be strong.


in response to other posts of yours, my teeth ached for a couple of days after my big AF episode.

Also, it was an icy drink that set mine off!

I keep away from very cold drinks now and if I have a slightly cold drink I sip it slowly so it warms up on the way down. Cold drinks are a well known trigger for vagally induced PAF so I think you probably do have it.



Thank you for your reply yes i had angio stress test mri ct 24hr blood presure monitor but all was done 5 years ago, was told to day he will not repeat mri or angio . My ECG show t wave inversion and signs of a heart attack or that my heart is struggling but as all test came back ok i was told ECG must just be normal for me?



I was once told that females do get inverted t waves and it doesn't necessarily mean you have had a heart attack, as it would for men. Just part of being females. Also paroxysmal is just that and you could only get one attack a year. As the others have said keep pushing. It is possible to have an implanted recorder, Reveal, which is in place for 3 years and that should pick up what is going on. My daughter has one it did prove that she wasn't getting af, although she does go tachycardia for no apparent reason and is on meds

Good luck



Not exactly answering your question, but how much do monitors cost? No-one seems to have enough of them. I had to wait months, not for the cardio, for the monitor. I nearly offered to buy one !!!



Yes I agree and then they say you can only have for 4 days not two weeks.


Get them very quick here in Norfolk :-) , trouble is my nearest hospital is 24 miles away


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