Help for calming the heart through meditation and wonderful heart support !

Credit, where credit is due - Dr. Tara Brach

A few of you have indicated you have enjoyed some of the thoughts or poems I've shared. I have always indicated the source but perhaps setting this post apart from other questions would help:

She knows about struggle, joy and retells her stories with tremendous compassion and a sense of humour! Her teachings are buddhist in principle but the essence is universal. The heart meditations she gives out (for free) are so perfect for our situation. My favorite - which I used during the ablation procedure was the duck meditation!

Dr Brach teaches compassion for ourselves - something we grow short on as we struggle with AF.

I hope she touches your heart as she has mine!

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  • Hi I do something very similar through HeartMath. I am taking their 5 week class . They teach heart breathing and have done medically accepted (!! )research on healing your heart through mediation. They believe that the more you do it the more you get stronger. I was in persistent AF and had in Jan. had an electroconversion that lasted 2 weeks. Then I went back to persistent AF again . I took a workshop about something else that included Heartmath work. During the workshop my heart went back into NSR again. Now I go into AF every 2-3 weeks, I go back into NSR after doing the heartmath work. Each time I last longer and my AF is shorter. I can't wait to try your link. I'm glad to meet someone else who is doing this type of work.

  • Hi Sahdski I use HeartMath as well, what I particularly liked when I started is that you have the immediate biofeedback from the app. Now I don't always use the app because I am able to focus and feel the calm. Unfortunately I was never able to stop an episode whereas EFT did but it helped hugely to keep me calm during the really bad ones!

    I know of several counsellors using this meditation in schools and the results on study, behaviour etc is nothing less than staggering! Where are you doing the course?

  • I was just looking at their website, it looks quite expensive :(

  • Yes the training is very expensive and only recently appearing in the UK. The professional equipment is also but the smart phone attachment & app was about the same as the AliveCor.

    HeartMath are a none profit making organisation and they also have loads of free downloads and are very good at sharing their knowledge and research for which they rely upon individual donations so absolutely no corporate backing which is really good to know. Also look out for their webinars which are also free to join but you need to register. A lot of the techniques and knowledge is obtainable at no cost.

  • Excellent, and you've inspired me to try again. I am afraid I tried during a period where I was unable to relax into the process. Having "managed" the AF so long it would probably be an opportune time to return. I was setting myself up to sell them, so perhaps I will chat with the HeartMath organization and see if we could setup a study and an advantage for AFA. They have done superb work in the world. Thanks for getting me back on track:

  • They did a study with AF patients with quite good results, I can't find the paper relating to it now. I did a post about last Octoberish? Anyway I can help, let me know.

  • Bingo, wonderful, I hadn't looked. That is how far I got off track!

    brings up many papers - Thank you!

  • Which site did you go to? Try the site which has all the free stuff on.

  • I will have a look - I just googled it so goodness only knows what I came up with lol. Thank you!

  • Bravo, that is great. I should take the course, I've got two of the devices and the PC program and have had no luck. Whatever works, and this is so much less invasive than the ablation I just did! Congratulations, this is quite encouraging to us all. Tara's work has been a real heart-opener for me. Clearly all this work is in the timing as well.

    Keep us posted on your situation! Take care

  • Hi Iris I looked at the post you put up and she certainly seemed very good. Interesting isn't it who and what we are drawn to. I thought the duck meditation was very good, I have used my own made up one using boats and oceans.

    Thanks for very interesting post and heartfelt wishes for your wellness.

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